Handling the Summer productivity slump…

Yes it’s Summer, holidays are being booked, the weather is hot, hot, hot, and workers all across the country are looking forward to a bit of well-deserved time away from their desks.

But whilst many people will be worrying about how much they can squeeze into their luggage allowance and whether last year’s swimwear still fits, many business owners will have a more pressing concern. As temperatures start to rise, and they certainly have this year!!! how do you ensure that the summer season doesn’t have a negative impact on productivity?

As always, we’re here to help with some practical suggestions. Read on to find out more about what yothe time to think about how you’ll approach the working calendar next summer. As well, it won’t be long before you’ll have to start thinking about how you’ll manage your staff over the Christmas period, so you can probably take away some very important lessons.

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Bring the summer feeling to your office

When the weather’s warmer and there are – let’s face it – many other things that your employees would rather be doing than sitting in the office, it could be worthwhile to think about how you can raise spirits and inject a bit of oomph back into proceedings. If some employees are away on holiday, you can ensure that those who are left behind aren’t feeling deflated and demotivated.

Your approach here needn’t cost you a fortune, there are many options for you to choose from. You could you treat the office to an ice-cream, or you could contact a nearby personal trainer and ask them to lead an outdoor workout for your staff? Or maybe a lunchtime picnic in a local park, small gestures can make all the difference.

Give your HR processes an overhaul

It’s natural that there will be certain times of the year when you notice a change in productivity. Sometimes, slight fluctuations are unavoidable, and you need to simply do all you can to minimise the impact. If reduced productivity has become a longstanding problem though, it’s time to address the reasons why, and do something about it.

Your people processes and procedures will often provide you with clues, and they can also be the remedy. Is your business suffering as a result of poor management practices? Are you using outdated systems? Are your employees dissatisfied with certain aspects of their roles, or the way in which the business is being operated?

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Friday fun… Lets have a laugh in the office – 10 reasons why we should…

These days we spend more time at work than we do with our friends and families, so you may have noticed that sometimes your employees have become bored and tired of the daily grind, making them more likely to feel disconnected from their working environment.  What you should be striving for is a way to create a more stimulating environment that will keep them happy and focused.  Easier said than done I know, but at HR Revolution we think laughter is the best medicine and like a bit of natural light hearted humour and laughter in the office.  Laughter helps people relax and reduces stress, and encourages productivity which is always good.  Here are 10 fun facts about laughter…

  • People laugh 30 times more when they are with other people.
  • Laughter increases blood flow by 22% and stress decreases blood flow by 35%.
  • Women laugh more than men.
  • Laughter increases immune system response.
  • Laughter stimulates circulation and improves respiration.
  • Laughter exercises your muscles, and can burn up to 3 1/2 calories each time you laugh.
  • Laughter stimulates the brain and enhances mental functions.
  • Laughter activates endorphins which help manage pain.
  • Laughter promotes social bonding, which enhances cooperation.  (Surely you are less likely to say no after a good laugh!)
  • Laughter is contagious.

So go on throw off the shackles of the “corporate world” and have a laugh, your colleagues and creativity will thank you for it.

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