Feeling the January blues? They are real you know!

What was once just a phrase following all the happy frivolity of Christmas and New year is now an actual recognised health complaint!  And I’m not joking!  Well I don’t know about that but feeling tired, bloated and skint can certainly be a little depressing.

The mornings are dark and if not cold, the very least dreary and it can be very hard to get yourself motivated to even get out of bed, let alone embark on the ever more difficult journey to work! Also, to cheer you up even more, as temperatures plummet across Europe, they have now said that snow is almost certainly on it’s way this week, so that won’t impact the commute to work… much!!  Sorry about that…

Ok, so I realise I am not making you feel any better at this point, so let me help you snap out of this maudlin mood and get Monday motivated!

Here are a couple of tips that I am going to put in place and hope you do to…

First give yourself meaning.  Do you know why what you do is so significant? Are you aware really, of how you are impacting on the company, clients and even your colleagues.  No? Then find out. Who wants to be working with a “what’s the point” attitude – Not me! Look at your goals, targets and see the bigger picture; feeling like you have a purpose is a huge motivator, after all don’t we all want to make a difference.

Next…. Stimulate your brain…

If you have a number of tasks to work through, I am pretty sure you will find some much more enjoyable than others. So instead of doing a whole day of the fun stuff knowing that you will dread the bore of tomorrow, why not break all the tasks up into more palatable chunks; perhaps morning and afternoon sessions could work for you? After all they do say variety is the spice of life!

Now you need clear thinking. Sometimes even the most comprehensive to-do list can be overwhelming and you feel like you’re on a never ending hamster wheel achieving very little and getting nowhere fast. In reality you are probably getting through more than you think. There is always “stuff” that comes up that you deal with, distracting you from your tasks, and this is what makes you feel that you aren’t getting through your core jobs. These distractions are probably very important but they just get forgotten about, so why not make a “done” list so you can see what you are really getting through and you will be surprised just how satisfying it is…. Go on, I can already see that little smirk of over achievement!

And finally…. It’s time to set yourself up to manage your own work. You’ve got your brain pumped and ready, you know what needs to be done now let’s take responsibility for the task in hand.
Autonomy in a role is a wonderful thing, that’s not to say you are not part of a team, but it really allows you to take ownership of your work.  Set out your ideas and get the training you might need to allow you to truly pick up your projects and run with them and in turn get the results you want. Achieving your goals, what better motivator is there than that.

If all the above fails to get you motivated… there’s only 14 weeks until the next Bank Holiday!!

For more advice on how to give your team a little boost, then get in touch with HR Revolution +203 538 5311 we’d love to hear from you!

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Motivate yourself today!

We all like to receive positive feedback from our bosses, clients and colleagues; it puts a spring in our step allowing us to simply glide through the day. It’s like being given a little pat on the back by happiness itself and I don’t know about you but it motivates me to try that bit harder to do even better. Yeah right, that never happens to me I hear you say!

Well you are not alone. Most staff feel they are never congratulated or praised nearly as much as they should be, leaving them feeling unappreciated and even, well, a little sulky. And the fact is the more demanding your role the more likely it is you are facing negative critic let alone a “well done or thanks”! This sadly has the absolute opposite effect on your motivation leading to a more stressful working environment and there is nothing uplifting about that.

But I say, let’s face this negativity head on get motivated. Here are a few simple steps that can help…

The first rule, start the day as you mean to go on! Prepare yourself for a positive constructive day; it makes a huge difference and you will feel uplifted and your momentum will follow you throughout the day… you will be amazed at how much you will get done!

Surround yourself with positive, employees that enjoy their work and are driven, high achievers. There is no room for Mr(s) Whingy in our team…. any negativity should be stamped out!

Be proud! Your work is an important part of your life, you spend more hours at work than at home so treat your job, whatever it may be, with pride and you will feel your motivation elevate along with your success! Even if your role is not your ideal job there is a reason why you are doing it, so aim high and you will be rewarded; even if it’s with your own self-satisfaction that you’re doing it to the best of your ability!

When you can be satisfied with your work ethic and attitude, then you are truly living life the way it was meant to be lived and will stay motivated everyday… You never know, your new found happiness may just be catching and others might just give you the “well done” or “thank you” that gives that mini fist pump feeling after all.

Let us know if this helps, or if you want to share how you get motivated at work, we’d love to hear from you!

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