Has LinkedIn taken over from the CV…

2017 is fast approaching, so you may be thinking New Year, new career?

If you want to give your job search the edge, you need more than an up to date CV!  But is LinkedIn gaining ground over the traditional CV?

Where to start?

With 467 million members worldwide at the last count, LinkedIn is a great way to connect and be found, and many recruiters search LinkedIn to find relevant candidates.

The average CV is a record of achievement, so it’s very often a static, backward-looking document. Until you’re actively hunting for jobs, most people put a CV to one side and forget about it. A LinkedIn profile is different, it’s an active document that can be regularly revised as we add status updates, receive and provide recommendations and interact with others. There’s no restriction of what you can fit on a page –  and from that perspective, it’s much more than a CV alternative.

Get yourself noticed!

If you think of it in terms of recruiters and employers, LinkedIn is a great way to find candidates. LinkedIn is a huge database and by using relevant key words they can quickly find the people they need.  Include your own key words to support this, and pick out the highlights from each job that you want to share. On top of that, you can upload videos and documents to showcase your experience even further.

Used properly, LinkedIn can be a very effective way of raising and marketing your profile online. It’s less about a list of what you have done in the past and more focused on letting people know what you can do and how you can help.

That said, a CV is still a must as a career overview and introduction to employers, recruiters or your network, and then many may seek to find out more about you. But remember, it’s not always CV first, LinkedIn second. Quite often you can be found on LinkedIn first – for example by a headhunter – and your CV will be what they ask for if the reader likes what they see. It’s what they want to send to your next prospective employer, not a link to your LinkedIn.

So, the answer is that LinkedIn may be inching in front, but CVs are still very much in the running! HRRevolution recommend that your CV and LinkedIn are used as part of an integrated job seeking strategy, providing much more flexibility in the way you present yourself.

Get the right balance between your CV and your LinkedIn profile, and you may not have to refresh your CV for years. If you’re asking yourself ‘where do I start?’, contact the HRRevolution Team, or check out our website for how we can help. A small investment can give you all the tools you need to get you the interviews you want and the next step in your career!

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Now lets get you a winning CV…

So you have decided that you are going to go out into the big wide world of work and you’ve got your online presence looking tickity boo (we hope you read our blog, Finished full time education, what next?) so what now? Well, as we’ve said competition is fierce, particularly among graduates and that first impressions are extremely important.  So now it’s time to concentrate on your CV, and you need to make sure it is looking great and really jumps out of the pile, for all the right reasons of course!

We see lots of CV’s here at HR Revolution, for all sorts of job positions, but whether you are going for intern position or the top spot of CEO all CV’s should follow some basic rules.

Here are our top 5 things which should play a part in your CV:

  1. How does your CV look?

It’s not just about the content; it’s about how you have presented it! You want it to look clean cut and professional. A CV that’s crowded with text doesn’t look attractive. These days, CV’s are initiated through email so make sure the format is easy to read on screen. No funky text formats, stick to Arial or Times New Roman. No funky, floral borders and keep your text a readable colour!

  1. Long profiles

Now we’re all about profiles, a paragraph giving the employer a taster to what your personality is like, your job role, what you are looking for next etc… But… people don’t need your life story! Keep it short and sweet, a paragraph is more than enough! Put as much personality in as you can (keeping it professional!); give the employer a view as to who you are and what would attract them to bringing you in for an interview.

  1. Grammar and spelling

This is a real bugbear; there is nothing worse than getting a CV through with mistake after mistake. The actual experience is good, but the spelling and grammar just puts you off… Double/triple check; get your friends/family to check that there are no spelling/grammatical errors in your CV!

  1. Irrelevant information

Potential employs don’t need to know how many children you have, your wife/husbands name, how much you weigh… you may also be proud you won the village pub quiz of the year… your potential employer may not be so engrossed! Keep the CV about your career history, educational background and personality.

  1. Unexplained employment gaps

Were you travelling? Looking for work? On maternity leave? Save yourself and give an explanation! It can be a real put off seeing unexplained gaps on your CV – it makes people nervous so be sure to outline the reasons why.

The important thing to remember, is what is your USP (unique selling point)? Why are you the best person for the job?  Now think about how to market yourself. If you’re looking to break into a very competitive market, what have you done that could support that…. Voluntary work, organising events for local groups, these additions will help you shine, just remember to keep it relevant, there should be a reason behind why you are telling them.

And there you have my guide to getting it right!

We hope our CV tips help you put together a winning document!  Why not get ahead of the game and download our FREE First Impressions guide so you’re fully prepared when that interview invitation drops in your inbox!

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