How to improve your HR practices by the end of the year…

Ok business owners it’s now the final quarter of 2018! if you still have some goals that you haven’t quite achieved, now’s the time to do it and make that final push.  It’s also time to look back and see over the year and work out your wins, losses and what needs to be done differently in 2019!!

When you are reflecting on the year make sure that you don’t forget to factor in your people practices and how they have performed over the last 12 months.  Of course we know that most HR challenges can’t just be achieved overnight, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t act now to make positive and noticeable changes.

We outline/suggest a few ways in which you can take control and start making changes before 31 December.

Make a plan for 2019

You may be looking at what is needed to be done around the Christmas period, maybe recruiting temporary employees or tying up any loose ends an that is great.  But what about the bigger picture, will you be facing any challenges it the coming months?, are there any opportunities you can look at to help you meet your wider strategic goals?

Planning or having a plan will help to put your mind at ease that you have thought about things and hopefully not be faced with any nasty surprises.

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How compliant are your legislative changes?

I’m sure you would like to say that you are fully compliant, but when it comes down to it are you absolutely positive that you’re doing everything you should be?

We understand that the day-to-day complexities of running a business can sometimes get in the way, but if you haven’t done everything that’s required of you, you could be leaving yourself very vulnerable to problems in the future.

Do you need an HR audit?

Keeping on top of everything people orientated as your business grows can be a daunting process, but it need not be and as an early Christmas present why don’t you benefit from an having an experienced HR professional come in and assess what is working and what needs to be improved.

By having an end-of-year HR audit HR Revolution can help, let us carry out a HR healthcheck on your company and assess what’s working and what needs to be improved, this could be just what you need to make sure that you end the year on a high note and put practical steps in place to raise your game.

If you like to book an HR audit or need any HR advice please do get in touch:+44 203 538 5311 or email: or visit where our expert CIPD HR professionals are waiting to help you with any questions you may have.

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How to onboard graduates

If you read our last blog and I hope you managed to take five and read the reasons not to overlook graduate talent, then you will know we are big supporters of hiring graduates and all of the benefits that employing them can bring to your business.

Onboarding graduates into your team should be done in the same way that you welcome any new team member – with plenty of enthusiasm, consistent processes and great communication.

However it’s worth thinking about the ways in which you might need to tailor your onboarding process for a graduate who may be going into their first job.
Below we’ve put together our advice and tips for adjusting your approach to make it graduate friendly.

Give them a warm welcome

Like with any new starter, making them feel welcome is up there at the top of the list of priorities when onboarding them into your business. When it comes to graduates, this is even more important as they may be feeling unsure about what to expect as they step into a professional environment and daunted by the prospect of starting their working life.

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Think about how you felt when you got you first ‘proper’ job and what would have made your first day a more positive experience.
Sending out a welcome email, for example, and letting the team know who the new starter is, their job title, a bit about what they will be doing and encouraging the team to pop over to their desk tosay hello in person will help humanise the experience.

Assign them a mentor

Several of our clients use mentoring schemes to enable team members of differing levels of seniority and expertise to learn from one another. Graduate hires should be included in these schemes, as they will help satisfy their interests in learning by providing them with new skills from experienced team members. In return the mentor can learn from their graduate mentee, who will likely have skills in different areas such as social media or technology.

If you don’t have a mentoring scheme in place, then giving your new team member a buddy who can act as a point of contact outside of their team and someone to grab a coffee with during their first week is also a great way to bolster the onboarding process.

Clue them up on your business

Providing clear and useful information on your business educates new joiners about your company mission and values and gets their buy-in to your bigger picture aims from the start. When a team member is new to a business their enthusiasm is high, so take advantage of this positive attitude and get them to soak up as much of your brands information as possible.

Graduates are ready to be moulded and take on new ideas, particularly as they won’t have anything to compare them to. They will come to your business ready to learn how you do things, and adopt your methods with ease.

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Allow them to learn

Graduates have developed a habit for learning, so when you’re onboarding them ensure you outline all of the training they will be given and the self-learning they will be expected to do. This will keep them engaged and motivated, as well as helping to drive your business as you support forward-thinking employees.

Be as transparent as possible

Many graduates entering the job market this year will be millennials. This generation have grown up at a time of economic uncertainty meaning it’s hard for them to plan for the future. As their employer, aim to be honest about what they can expect from a career with your company, which should ideally offer them job security and an attractive salary and benefits package.

Millennials expect be kept informed about issues that affect them, thanks to their increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. Therefore a millennial in the workplace expects clear communication surrounding your expectations of them – so beginning this at the onboarding stage gets you off on the right foot.

If you’re looking to hire graduates but not sure where to start then get in touch, we have a whole host of information we can give you and support you in attracting and sourcing your new hires. Get in touch today on: +44 203 538 5311 or email: or visit where our expert CIPD HR professionals are waiting to help you with any questions you may have.

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3 difficult questions you need to ask yourself before 2018

I’m sure by this stage in the year you have asked yourself the important questions about how your business measured up during the past year.  You’ll know how much you increased your turnover and how many new employees you recruited and what your goals are moving forward.

Planning sessions can be hugely useful, but it can be easy to miss the less obvious measures of what you are and are not achieving.  If you are serious about making 2018 a success, you really need to delve a little deeper and consider the questions that probably haven’t even crossed your mind.

So have you really thought or asked yourself the following questions:


What HR mistakes have you made over the past year?

Running a business is a steep learning curve, so whether you are completely new to entrepreneurship or been in business for years, the world is constantly changing and adapting and you need to make sure that you are keeping up.  What worked in the past won’t necessarily bring about desirable results right now.

So have you make any mistakes in HR during 2017?  Think about operational issues, as well as the bigger strategic picture.  Are your employees on-board with organisational goals?  Does everyone understand and embrace their role in achieving growth?  Only when you get really honest with yourself, can you start to work out how you won’t fall into the same trap.

Are your managers really capable?

It is safe to say that your managers are, in many respects, the backbone of your business.  They deal with the day-to-day issues, they handle unexpected events, they make sure your policies are implemented and adhered to and they keep things ticking over when you can’t be there.  So its vitally important that they can perform to the best of their ability.

It is important to note here that identifying problems when it comes to capability isn’t about pointing the finger.  You need to avoid knee-jerk reactions and carefully consider where there is room for improvement, and create a plan that will help you get to where you want to be.  This may involve training, coaching, mentoring etc.

What do you need to do to grow as a leader?

It’s easy to overlook your own personal development when  you’re trying to grow a team, but it is crucially important.  How can you be expected to get the most out of everyone else, if you aren’t constantly improving and growing yourself?  This should be a consideration throughout the year, but it is easy to drop the ball and now is a good time to look back and reflect.

Remember, asking questions can be a huge source of growth in your business, but you need to be really honest with yourself when working out the answers! Jot down your thoughts, then scrap them and work on being really truthful… It’s not necessarily easy, but the powerful tactics rarely are!

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