5 Ways to build and strengthen relationships at work

Building relationships at work can feel a bit unnecessary, you may take the approach that you don’t have to be friends with these people so let’s just get the job done and move on. But if you stop and think about it, you spend more time with the people you work with then any of your friends or loved ones, so shouldn’t building solid relationships with people you can trust and work harmoniously with be important?

The advice I am going to give you may seem, well , a bit simple and it is, but so often we just don’t follow it and mainly that is because we just don’t communicate effectively. Really it is a case of treat people how you would like to be treated and here’s how…

It’s all about communication simply put, and here are the 5 ways you can improve drastically how you do just that with your colleagues:

Honesty is the best policy: If you don’t know, just say so! But go that bit further to offer to look into the issue and get back to them in a set time frame. Most importantly, do it, honesty is built on being true to your word and part of building a relationship is people knowing they can trust and rely on you.

Be clear with people: So often we go around the houses when telling people what we want which ends up not really telling them anything! For example instead of saying “perhaps next time you can consider what other information you might include” be clear and say “next time I’d like you to include X, Y and Z information” that way they absolutely know what you want and what to do and they will respect you more. Otherwise next time they do the same thing and you get short with them they will be left thinking “why didn’t she just say that in the first place!” We’ve all done that right!

Do not “demand” your request: Remember the manners your parents taught you and always ask politely. People are much more likely to respond in a positive way if you ask rather than demand. Put yourself in their shoes, which would you prefer… “Can you get back to me tomorrow with that please” or “I want it tomorrow, final”… I know what I’d opt for!

Be interested: There is simply nothing worse than someone looking at you with that vacant expression on their face, muttering a few huh huh’s every now again, when you know full well they haven’t listened to a word you’ve said. So annoying, so don’t be that person. Give them confirmation that you have been paying attention, you can either repeat what they have said such as “so, just to confirm….” Or ask questions and ask for more information thus be interested in what they are telling you.

Don’t forget you have ears too: You don’t always have to do the talking or even worse interrupt half way through because you think you already know what they are going to say. Let them express themselves and finish what they want to say and show them you respect their opinions.

These 5 simple tools can be put to use by everyone at every level so why not try it and encourage others to do the same and we can really start to build those relationships.

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Need Motivation at Work?

Congratulations people, you all made it through the first full week of the New Year! This probably means that you are feeling like all the fun of the festive period is nothing more than a distant memory and unless like me you have a January birthday, there doesn’t always seem that much to look forward to.

When my alarm went off this morning it was raining, cold and so dark it felt like the middle of the night, which can make things seem pretty miserable on a Monday, so it got me thinking about how to get motivated and stop those winter blues from kicking in.

Here are a couple of tips that I am going to put in place and hope you do to…

First give yourself meaning.  Do you know why what you do is so significant? Are you aware, really of how you are impacting on the company, clients and even your colleagues – No? Then find out. Who wants to be working with a “what’s the point” attitude – Not me! Look at your goals, targets and see the bigger picture; feeling like you have a purpose is a huge motivator, after all don’t we all want to make a difference?

Next stimulate your brain.  If you have a number of tasks to work through, I am pretty sure you will find some much more enjoyable than others. So instead of doing a whole day of the fun stuff knowing that you will dread the bore of tomorrow, why not break all the tasks up in to more palatable chunks; perhaps morning and afternoon sessions could work for you? After all they do say variety is the spice of life!

Now you need clear thinking. Sometimes even the most comprehensive to-do list can be overwhelming and you feel like you’re on a never ending hamster wheel achieving very little and getting nowhere fast. In reality you are probably getting through more than you think. There is always “stuff” that comes up that you deal with, distracting you from your tasks, and this is what makes you feel that you aren’t getting through your core jobs. These distractions are probably very important but they just get forgotten about, so why not make a “done” list so you can see what you are really getting though and you will be surprised just how satisfying it is… Go on, I can already see that little smirk of over achievement!

And finally… It’s time to set yourself up to manage your own work. You’ve got your brain pumped and ready, you know what needs to be done now let’s take responsibility for the task in hand. Autonomy in a role is a wonderful thing, that’s not to say you are not part of a team, but it really allows you to take ownership of your work.  Set out your ideas and get the training you might need to allow you to truly pick up your projects and run with them and in turn get the results you want. Achieving your goals, what better motivator is there than that.

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One size does NOT fit all when it comes to change…

It’s that time of year when you start making business plans for the New Year. That can mean a big shake-up is on the horizon or perhaps you want to move in a different direction based on what has or hasn’t worked over this past year. Whatever your reason, remember, “change” is not for everyone and different people need different tactics to get them on board and motivated.

Your business will be made up of varying personality types and that’s great, it’s what makes things work so why not tailor your efforts to motivate and get on-board, based on these types of personalities…

The Challenge Lovers: These people are driven by tough tasks and obstacles they can overcome so play to their strengths. Set out your ideas highlighting the challenges that may lie ahead, give them a mountain to climb and watch them rise to the occasion!

The Data Junkies: The employees that live for hard facts and figures, and they believe what they see written down. They won’t care for dreamy fairy tales of why it could be wonderful, they want black and white research of why it will succeed. Do your homework for these guys!

The Cynics: You will need help with these ones. Cynics, Sceptics, doubters however you wish to refer to them, simply won’t take your word for anything the first time round they need to be won over. First you need win over their leaders, peers, mentors anyone that they trust and then let them help you with the rest. Voila!

The Worrywarts: Now some people are just natural worriers and will always think about the negative changes that may materialise as a result.  Instead of highlighting what changes you are going to implement try emphasizing the things that will stay happily just the way they are. Whether that is their job title, salary, hierarchy or something else, that is what they will cling to and get them on board.

And Finally…

The Beneficiaries: These are the ones that simply want to know one thing… What’s in it for me! Although these might not be the best at seeing the benefits to the business necessarily they are easy to understand. Simply tell them the perks and rewards of your plan and how they will benefit by jumping on-board! Done.

I hope by following these simple guides you can get your New Year plans off to a flying start and any changes you have are welcomed by everyone in your team!

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Childish Behaviour in the Office is Out of Control!

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like all the drama that goes on at work is more like being in a playground!?!

All too often going into the office is like being back at school, there is always that “he said she said” mentality floating about, raised voices in meetings, sulking at desks or even crying in the coffee room (and I have had my fair share of all of them) and this is happening in workplaces all over the place, and it can really impact on your business.

Working in HR you really get to see a lot of this from all different angles and there are some little rules we could all try to adopt to stop even a little of this happening, and turn our offices back in to “grownup land”!

So here is our friendly advice…

It’s not all about you! – ok a bit blunt I know, but it’s not. You are part of something bigger, a business… and one that needs to be profitable. It takes more than one person to do that, and everyone’s needs must be considered.

Don’t take part in Chinese whispers – Ok so you’ve heard something about someone it doesn’t mean you have to share it with them or anyone else for that matter. Remember it may not be true and you will always be the one that looks bad so just keep clear

It’s not personal if someone disagrees with you – I am hugely guilty of this and take everything personally, but what we have to remember is we don’t always see the bigger picture and what affects others, besides it is OK to have an opinion

You don’t have to be friends to have a good relationship – you can get on with your work colleague even take an active interest in their life, you don’t have socialise with them outside, so if your personalities are different that’s ok!

Learn to listen as well as talk – Other people have valuable things to say too and you never know their ideas might just be better than yours

Take it on the chin when things go wrong – DON’T bring the whole team down with you. How many times do you hear “well such and such did it too etc”. The boss probably already knows anyway so don’t make others look bad, just learn from the mistake

You don’t have to scream to be heard – Shouting in meetings to be heard just shuts everyone down and there is no positive progress to be made

And Lastly Celebrate others successes – don’t sulk because you’re not the one in the spotlight; remember you are all working towards the same goal business success.

I hope this helps us all take a step back before we react a certain way and the working day will go a lot smoother, after all we are all adults aren’t we?

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Problem Employee Making you want to Explode?


Sometimes there are employees that just “seem” to go out of their way to make your working life just that little bit more difficult, BUT before you finally lose it and have a blow up of epic proportion stop and consider perhaps an alternative way to deal with it.

Discuss it honestly with them – Sounds easy enough doesn’t it! Well it really can be, put your anger on ice and have a calm and open conversation with them. Start by explaining what you and/or perhaps others have observed and welcome their position on it, and listen to their side of the story. Only then will you be able to set out some clear expectations for improving the relationship.

Set progress levels – Change doesn’t happen over night but by setting goals that you can both agree on that are reasonable and achievable, over time the conflict can be resolved. This way you will have something measureable to work with.

Give Feedback – No one knows what they are doing right or wrong if you never tell them. You must give feedback, perhaps as each deadline is reached let the employee know how they went. If you are noticing positive changes in their behaviour, let them know. You are building the foundations on which you can build a better more positive relationship AND work ethic.

Take action if necessary – If the employee fails to meet the expected level of improvement you may have no choice but to go down the disciplinary or even termination route. Not something to be taken lightly and if you do not have an HR department within your company, you must seek the advice of an HR specialist (of course that’s what we are so feel free to contact us!). Remember if you have set out your targets as outlined above it is easy to measure performance against them.

Lastly how do you avoid this happening again going forward with future employees? Well you must start with yourself. Most employees do not intentionally decide to be trouble makers or perform their duties poorly, perhaps they just don’t know what they are meant to be doing fully or know the level of expectation. Are you setting clear objectives for them to follow? Do you meet with them regularly to help build a good, mutually respecting relationship? Do you ignore the little things that are wrong just to avoid conflict hoping they will go away? Answer these questions honestly to yourself and implement the changes YOU may need to, now.

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