Want to improve your HR practices by the end of the year?

As we power on through the summer holidays I’m sure most business owners will be focusing on a few things. Maybe there are still some big goals that haven’t been reached and now’s the time to pull your socks up and make that final push.

However, please don’t neglect your people practices, it’s a good chance to reflect on how well they have performed over the course of the past 12 months. Ok it’s true that many HR changes can’t be achieved overnight, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take action. In fact, there are certain things that you can do over the next few months that will help you to make positive and tangible changes.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? We hope so and this is what we suggest:

Start planning for 2019

Always make sure that you’re looking a little further ahead. What key challenges will you face next year? What opportunities could you harness to help you to meet your wider strategic goals? Heading into the new year with a plan will put your mind at ease, and ensure that you don’t find yourself faced with any nasty surprises.

Assess how compliant you are with legislative changes

There have been several key changes to employment law this year and many business owners would like to say that they know they’re fully compliant. When it comes down to it though, are you absolutely positive that you’re doing everything you should be?

We understand that the day-to-day complexities of running a business can sometimes get in the way, but if you haven’t done everything that’s required of you, you could be leaving yourself very vulnerable to future problems.

Want to improve your HR practices by the end of the year 1 - HR Revolution - Outsourced HR

Take advantage of an HR audit

As a business grows, there’ll be a wider range of HR tasks and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Keeping on top everything can be a massive job, and savvy leaders realise that they can’t do everything themselves.

It’s very likely that your business could take many benefits away from an end-of-year HR audit.  That’s where HR Revolution can help, let us carry out a HR healthcheck on your company and assess what’s working and what needs to be improved, could be just what you need to make sure that you end the year on a high note and put practical steps in place to raise your game.

You have a few choices right now, you can carry on doing what you’re doing, and seeing the same results. Or you can recognise that there is always room for improvement and do something about it.

Make sure you make the right choice…  Contact us today for your free no obligation HR Audit +44 203 538 5311 or email: hello@hrrevolution.co.uk or visit www.hrrevolution.co.uk where our expert CIPD HR professionals are waiting to help you with any questions you may have.

HR Revolution; supporting you, your employees AND your business.

HR Audit

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