Where has “Customer Service” gone???

I’ve had to deal with a couple of suppliers over the past fortnight that quite clearly missed the training sessions on “Customer Care” and “Customer Relations” and quite frankly have left my blood boiling!

It is so frustrating that good customer service seems to be completely non-existent now days and companies think it’s acceptable to do the absolute minimum for their customers and usually all whilst hiding behind an email.

Being a people focused company,  I want to share my top 3 tips for you to share with your teams to ensure you don’t offer the same, what I consider unacceptable, level of service!

  1. Don’t tell your customer that you “don’t do something” – There is a reason they contacted you in the first place, they trust you and know you will be able to help them.   So even if it is a service that you don’t provide, then offer to help them with something you do!  Even if in the end, you offer them an alternative source of supply, they will still come back to you in the future and will leave the conversation on a happy note knowing how you tried to help them.
  2. Don’t put the onus on them – They are calling you because they want someone to do what they can’t or don’t want to, so saying the words “if you do…” or “you need to…” just irritates. What you think is an easy task others may not and fobbing them off in this manner is just giving them the excuse to find someone that will actually help…. And guess what, they may not come back to you next time.
  3. Don’t hide behind an email – If you must tell the customer you can’t help, or that things will take longer than expected, pick up the phone! It is so much harder to be cross with someone if you are actually speaking to them. Also lazy typing and the use of text speak just gets peoples backs up and will lead no further than the complaints department.

Playing devil’s advocate though just for a second, perhaps it’s not their fault they are providing a less than adequate service, do they even know what’s expected or been fully trained for the role? Either way, if we all try that little bit harder to provide a service that is over and above expectation, then good customer service will prevail once again!

We have a saying at HR Revolution “look after your people and the bottom line will look after itself” and that can apply to your customers too.

If you would like to discuss any HR issues, please give HR Revolution a call we’d love to help, call us on +44 203 538 5311 or email: info@hrrevolution.co.uk

HR Revolution – www.hrrevolution.co.uk

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