How to switch off from work when you go on holiday…

Many of us find holidays more stressful than being at work, wondering what will happen in the office during our absence.  We do this because we are human, but unfortunately it isn’t good for us.

A holiday should be time away from the daily office grind, all our commitments and routine allowing you to unwind fully.   We should be coming back from our holidays de-stressed, refreshed and re-invigorated!!

Here are some tips to switching off and leaving the office behind…

Remind yourself that holidays are really necessary… They will let your unconscious mind work out problems and let you repair, recharge and relax.

Don’t feel guilty about being away, your holiday entitlement is as much a part of your package as your salary or pension.  Remember good employers will want you to take holiday to come back refreshed and do a better job!!

So prepare by finishing us all loose ends and delegate everything else.  Maybe make up a list of what to do if things go wrong (unlikely but…), if X happens, it can wait till you return or if Y happens then refer to another colleague.

Set your out of office email.  Ideally you can set the dates you are away and the name of a work colleague who can be contacted to deal with any issues or emergencies, which should stop you worrying about being contacted whilst you are away.

Get some perspective, you are not indispensable while you are away, other colleagues will cover for you, in much the same way you would cover for them it does not mean they will get your job!  If they were better than you, they would already have it and going away for 1 or 2 weeks is not going to change this…

Enjoy your holiday… if you find being on holiday very stressful, it may be because there are problems in other areas of your life.  If you’d rather be in the office than being on holiday then you need to ask yourself why?  Perhaps you need to make some changes in your life that have nothing to do with work emails or delegation!!

So stop worrying and love your holidays…

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