How body language can make or break your interview

First impressions are extremely important, especially in an interview environment.

The whole idea is to put your best self forward so the person sitting opposite you, can’t wait to employ you. Your body language plays a significant role in the way you are perceived and poor body language can derail and interview regardless of how confident and well-spoken you are.  Body language is as much a part of your communication style as what you say.

Impressions are made within seconds of reviewing body language.

Don’t worry though here at HR Revolution, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to how you use your body in a corporate environment.

  1. Don’t Slouch – This shows that you are taking the interview seriously, and looks confident and professional rather than that you were wishing you were somewhere else (even though you probably would be!).
  2. Good Eye Contact – Don’t stare them down like it’s a contest as this can be intimidating, but do meet eyes with the person you are conversing with.
  3. Shake Hands – Shaking hands at the beginning of the interview breaks down boundaries, shows confidence and implies that you are open.
  4. Lean towards the interviewer – This implies that you are taking an interest in the conversation and that you are engaged by what they are saying.
  5. Mirror your interviewer – If you are unsure on how you should sit or act, watching how your interviewer does can give you a good indication of how they think it is appropriate to act. It also shows agreement and a likeness between you.
  6. SMILE – If all else fails and you completely forget to remember where you should have your hands or where you should look, just smile. A genuine smile creates a favourable image and will always ensure that you interviewer remembers you in a positive light.

If you need some guidance, give HR Revolution a call + 44 203 538 5311 or email:, we’d love to help.

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