6 daily desk exercises you should incorporate into your routine

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Whilst doing some research we found these great desk exercises from totaljobs.  Award winning health journalist Helen Foster, developed these 6 simple desk exercises to help you incorporate activity into your working day, every little helps especially in a world where we are aware about the impact sedentary lifestyles have on our bodies.  Try and repeat these exercises daily, so you get into the habit; they’ll help revitalise you when you’re having a morning or afternoon productivity slump.

outsourced hr

outsourced hr

outsourced hr

simple daily exercises - outsourced hr

simple daily exercises - outsourced hr

If you combine the exercises mentioned above everyday, it will help you burn 234 calories per day, which amounts to 1,170 calories a week and that’s enough for a portion of dough balls and a Le Reine pizza or breaded scampi, chips and peas and a large glass of wine.

Happy exercising…

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