6 New Year’s resolutions you should keep in 2017…

As Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching all that’s on anyone’s mind is the perfect present for mum and how much food to buy for the New Year’s party. However now is also the time to think about what kind of business you want to be a part of and maybe a New Year’s resolution could help this idea become a reality. Here are some suggestions of resolutions that could help you discover a more productive and happier work environment.

  1. Three top priorities for the day

My boss recently told me how every morning she makes a list of her top three priorities for the day and emails them to a co-worker. Having a physical list of tasks to complete before the end of the day ensures her mind stays focused and sending them to a co-worker means that they can check that the tasks have been completed, allowing you to concentrate on tasks with the highest priority.

  1. Rewarding good work

Rewarding good work is imperative to boost morale in the office. It also sets a precedent and example of the type of work which is expected. It demonstrates that your boss appreciates you and the work that you are doing, meaning that your employees are more likely to be proactive in helping the company progress.

  1. Reading up on your area of employment

Nowadays we face competition in every area of work, whether it’s the restaurant next door or a fellow banking firm. Whatever area of work you are in, it’s important to stay educated and understand what is happening in your field of employment. This will allow you to stay ahead of the game in a constantly changing environment and keep you alert if you need to adapt your services towards clients or processes.

  1. Don’t forget about your old content too!

However, its important whilst you’re learning all the new and changing news to refresh your memory of basic procedures to make sure you’re not getting into bad habits or skipping steps. Looking back over basic tasks may also highlight issues in the current process and allow you to make improvements.

  1. Take care of yourself – eating, sleeping, exercise and relaxation

This may be the most important resolution for you to make as it can benefit you in more ways than one. Taking care of yourself by eating and sleeping enough, taking exercise and learning when to relax, will make you happier and more productive both in the workplace and at home. We’re only human and it’s important to know your limits. So, take time for yourself to relax and recuperate. And yes, to all you workaholics it’s important to take all your holiday too!

  1. Build relationships to become a stronger team

Most jobs rely on being able to work with others and is many of us know a team that works well together will get the job done faster. Therefore, in the New Year perhaps it’s time to think about what you can do for your employees to build stronger relationships between them. This could be having the occasional team lunch outside of the office giving colleagues a chance to relax and get to know each other outside of a work environment, work socials or team building activities. The more your team communicate between themselves the more efficient the team will become.

None of the ideas above take much effort, but they could have long lasting effects on your employees’ morale and motivation.  What could be better than your employees and colleagues feeling part of a team that helps and supports each other?

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