Why is Christmas just so stressful…

They say Christmas is the wonderful time of the year, for me it totally is, but for many, it can be the most stressful time of the year… but why?

At work;

  • Getting through the office Christmas party
  • Gifts for the office (those who you want to buy for!)
  • Secret Santa
  • Getting in early enough to get the holiday week off work!
  • Making sure you have all your work up to date before you finish up.
  • Handing over to anyone who may have chosen to work the holiday season.
  • Letting your clients now that you are out of the office and when you are back!

and that’s before you even begin at home;

  • Getting your decorations up in time
  • Buying the tree and decorating it perfectly!
  • The food
  • The drinks
  • Planning and hosting your parties
  • Catering for your Christmas day festivities
  • Wrapping everyone’s presents
  • Keeping everyone smiling!
  • ….The list is endless!

For those of you that love it all (like me! I may not be very good at it, but love it all the same) you will have no problems, you’ll plough through everything and just get it done with a Christmas smile, but for those of you that don’t its a mountainous chore that can be seriously stressful!

We get it! Christmas isn’t for everyone! 
We understand why the festive period is so overwhelming, with the pressures from online magazines and social media, of smiling, organised people that seem to be skipping through the festive period without any issues or stress what-so-ever!  The smoothly run Christmas parties, perfectly wrapped gifts, homemade goodies, beautifully decorated homes and not to mention the turkey!

But fear not – remember this is the world of social media where “everything is awesome” in the REAL world you choose how stressed you get, you choose to what levels you really want and need to be at… is getting super stressed REALLY worth it!  Not when it ruins your Holiday season that’s for sure!

Over the last few years, the portrayed image of a ‘perfect’ amazing Christmas with everything in its place with no dramas, has overtaken the festive spirit.  General responses from those we asked said that their top two stresses include:

  1. Unrealistic expectations for your big day;  setting your expectations (or indeed expectations on others!) too high comes with the risk of just ending up disappointed, and at the top of the Pinterest fails list! Facebook stories and smiling photos of family and friends enjoying each others company just pile on the pressure! Remember I very much doubt you would want to pin or post a photo of your kitchen after you’ve burnt the turkey, the office party where everyone is grumpy, your family day mid row!  Well remember neither does anyone else. These Social Media sites are for those wanting to show all the fabulous times – which we love by the way!! We just don’t want you using these as guidelines to a stress-free Christmas.   Take the pressure off – personally I think  Christmas is better when its a little crazy!
  2. Too much commercial focus, too much to buy; Life is busy enough without having to go overboard with the extras which are now becoming more and more common-place, like home-made wrapping paper & cards, elaborate catering ideas and the need to come up with ridiculously inventive antics for the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ on a daily basis to name a few!  Take a deep breathe and decide what’s important to you and make that happen!  Jot down your list and take the top 5 things and these you focus on – the rest if they are important delegate!! Getting everyone involved in the process makes for a much more healthy and happy holiday.

So here’s to a very merry, stress-free Christmas

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