Fri fun… Does your boss make the tea/coffee…

According to a recent poll by Yorkshire Tea, over half of bosses have never made a cup of tea for their employees!!  I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones then, as my boss at HR Revolution most certainly makes a good cuppa, both tea and coffee!!

Apparently the worst culprits are head teachers, whereas builders and IT Chiefs are the most likely to put the kettle on.

The survey also found that men were more likely to make themselves tea without asking anyone else if they would like one, now this I can believe!

However, the research also found that nearly half of UK workers were too busy to stop for a cup of tea, and one in four thought they were not allowed a tea break.  This could be harming their efficiency as 44% of workers said they felt revived after a cuppa, and 33% felt more productive.

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James warns that ‘presenTEAism’ could potentially do more harm than good.

“Fewer tea breaks reflect the increasing pressure people feel they are under at work. Whereas in the past taking a tea break was seen as a valuable social activity in the office, it is now beginning to be seen as an unnecessary indulgence and waste of productive work time.

“Yet research has indicated time and time again that striking a balance by taking short breaks during the working day increases people’s productivity and creativity.’

What are your thoughts on the tea/coffee break debate?  At HR Revolution, we most definitely need caffeine, how much caffeine do you need to get through the day.

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A version of this blog first appeared on HR Grapevine.

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