Friday fun… 6 fun ways to show your employees you care…

I know, we all sometimes get too busy and caught up with deadlines, meetings, the list goes on and on, and after a while this can translate into an employer not caring enough to notice the hard work of their employees.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea, and we like to do this for the employees of HR Revolution, random acts of appreciation, a little reminder to staff that you do recognise all they do…

Here are a six simple and more importantly low-cost ideas to try, who knows they could catch on in your workplace:

  1. Send a “well done” email and cc the “big” boss.  It’s one thing to say that an employee did a good job, but another to let more senior people know.  I know this would be much appreciated by me!! (sorry that sounded like I was dropping a hint he he he).

2. After finishing an important deadline, why not let employees leave a little early, or start a little later the following day.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a little work-life balance, not to mention a lie in on a work day… blissful!

3. Offer a casual dress-down day, even if you have a workplace dress code policy, letting people wear jeans once in a while won’t hurt.

4. Treat an employee to a surprise coffee (or tea!), or maybe croissants or doughnuts, just because.  It just shows a little thought.

5. Tie a fun balloon to an employees desk chair, this way everyone in the office will see.  People will come and ask why and offer their congratulations, a great way to foster team spirit.

6. What about a card of thanks with a small gift card enclosed, for cinema tickets or an iTunes voucher.  It might not make up for not being able to giving a payrise, but it still shows the employee their efforts are being noticed.

None of the ideas above take much effort, but they could have long lasting effects on employees morale and motivation.  What could be better than your employees or colleagues feeling part of a team that helps and supports each other?

If your company does something to make their staff feel amazing that we could try, we’d love to hear about it, so please share in the comments section below.

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