Virtual doctor appointments for employees…

Do you struggle to see the doctor or put it off because of the worry of missing work?  Would you welcome your employer introducing a virtual appointment scheme, investing in your health and wellness?

Well a local business near to HR Revolution’s office has done just that, AXA PPP Healthcare, has recently conducted a healthcare poll of 250 SME employers in the UK to discover how employees’ life admin, such as booking dentist and doctor appointments and the subsequent time away from work to attend them, from car problems to poorly children, and how it impacts their businesses.

The findings were quite telling, 75 per cent of managers think innovations in digital healthcare, such as virtual doctor appointments, would help their business, new research found today.   When asked how, 44 per cent said they think the introduction of virtual appointments (through Skype for example) would mean a reduction in employees’ time out of the office, whilst 16 per cent said it would reduce presenteeism and 15 per cent said it would boost productivity.

In addition to the impact of an individual employee being away from work, over 76 per cent of managers reported an adverse effect on employees left remaining in the office:

  • 28 per cent said it affected their business’ overall productivity
  • 25 per cent said it affected employee morale
  • 24 per cent said it put pressure on remaining employees’ workloads
  • 23 per cent felt it caused unnecessary stress among teams

The research comes as the healthcare company launches its own virtual GP service, Doctor@Hand, designed to help employees see a GP quickly and conveniently.

If you have any HR issues that you need to address, get in touch, where one of our HR consultants we be available to help.

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