Friday fun… Check out these silly “sick-note” excuses!     

Do you remember the time a few months ago,  when you had to call in sick because a swarm of bees was surrounding your car and you couldn’t get in it to get to work… No.. didn’t think so?

However, someone does, believe it or not that is a real excuse that was given by an employee to her manager to explain her not turning up to work. According to a survey carried out by Career Builder, this is just one of the many outrageous excuses that popped up.

Did you know that over 30% of workers have called in sick when they were actually well…. But be warned, there are a high number of employers that do actually check up to see if it is legitimate, and some of these excuses might not cut the mustard…

In order of popularity:

  • They just didn’t feel like going to work.
  • They simply need to relax (personally I relax more at work than I do with 3 kids running round!).
  • They had a doctor’s appointment (ok, my doctor is always running late, but not by a whole day!).
  • They needed to catch up on some sleep (poor little lambs).
  • They have a few personal errands that need running (could you drop off my dry cleaning whilst skiving!).

They seem a bit lame don’t they and Managers I’m sure you’ve heard them all, but have you heard some of these “real” little beauties….

The employee was giving up smoking and so was too grumpy to work.

The employee had bitten her tongue and couldn’t talk.

The employee’s false teeth had flown out of the window while driving.

The employee simply couldn’t decide what to wear.

And my favourite…

The employee said that someone had glued all her doors and windows shut and she couldn’t leave the house!

What do you think… real or not?? | |

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