Friday fun… 10 ways to help you stress less at work…

A heavy workload, distracting colleagues, coffee has run out, looming deadlines then thinking about everything that you still need to do once you get home – does this this sound familiar?? Sadly these things tend to stress us out on a daily basis and unfortunately in this day and age, it seems like this always going to be the case!

Panic not though, here are 10 simple things you can do that take less than 60 seconds to get your thoughts back on track and take the weight off…. (No.10 is our personal favourite!)

1. Make a cuppa

Ok, we’re British and nothing solves a problem better than a good cup of tea. Take a minute away from it all to make yourself a really good brew and maybe grab a biscuit whilst you’re there! If you are not a fan of tea? Here’s some healthy drinks that can also make you feel better.

2. Turn up the tunes

Plugging yourself into your headphones and rocking out with some of your favourite music can really help you relax. I find that having music that I know really well playing whilst I work, not only blocks out any distractions, but soothes me and gives me the chance to focus.

3. Call your nearest and dearest to vent

Vent to your nearest or dearest and get everything that’s stressing you out off of your chest will feel like just what the doctor ordered as they say a problem shared is a problem halved!

4. Ask for help

There is absolutely no shame in it. If you’re swamped with your workload, delegate to a colleague who has capacity.

5. Take a deep breath

Honing in on your breathing and taking slow deep breaths allows your mind to not only slow down, but stops you from thinking about everything that’s getting on top of you. Concentrate on how deep your breaths are, breathe in for 5 seconds and note how the air fills up your lungs, then breathe out for 5 seconds. If you close your eyes you can really escape.

6. Ask yourself “is this going to matter in 2 years’ time?”

Chances are the answer is no. Placing a situation into a wider context allows you to put it into perspective and can make a life-destroying moment turn into just an annoying blip in your day.

7. Make a list

Any time I feel like things are getting too much, I write it all down. Seeing the magnitude of tasks that you need to get through can, at first, freak you out, but here’s a little tip. Number each of the activities in order of priority and work through them, that way you have a strategy of how you can tackle the mountain in front of you.

8. Think about what you’re doing right

We spend way too much time focusing on what’s going wrong, but how much credit do we give ourselves for all of the things we do that are absolutely spot on? You probably don’t know because you just glaze over your achievements and move on to stressing about what needs to be done next. Take a minute to think about that really successful project you nailed or that seriously creative idea that you came up with during that meeting. You rock, you really do!

9. Change your desktop screensaver to something green

If you think you’re going to be chained to your desk for the foreseeable future, changing your screensaver to a lush green meadow can make you feel better apparently! According to research you don’t have to be out in the great outdoors just to benefit from all of it’s mood-boosting powers.

10. Treat yourself

This is possibly one of my favourite sayings and it should be yours too. Do something, anything that’s going to make you feel better. Whether it’s binging on a chocolate bar, having a carb-filled lunch or guzzling one more coffee, if it is going to make you feel better then it is worth it and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

So next time things are getting too much, don’t turn into the Hulk, allow yourself one minute to do any of the above and turn your day from pandemonium, into one that you can handle. | |

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