Don’t lose track of who’s in and out of the office this summer

HR Revolution are a gold partner of breatheHR, who provide HR software for growing companies and we couldn’t be happier to recommend them. We love it and our clients do too, but this isn’t just a sales pitch, we want to show you how easy it can be for you to manage who’s in and out of the office over the summer, when the workforce tends to be at minimum strength.

Running a busy business is time consuming enough without having to check spreadsheets for who’s in the office, who’s due to go off, whether you can approve holiday – as you don’t know who else wants holiday!  Why not get technology to do the leg work for you!

Just for the holiday season alone, here’s how breatheHR can help:

Holiday Booking

Most HR Managers agree that holiday booking is the most time consuming aspect of people management, unless it is fully automated. With breatheHR employees can request holidays online at any time through the website or an app.

Holiday Approval

The approval process needs to be quick and easy too. With breatheHR the line Manager (or approver) receives an email with the holiday request, they can easily compare the request with the calendar of all their teams holidays, as well as synchronizing holidays through Outlook or Google Calendars.

Holiday Allowance

Not sure how much leave an employee has left to take? Well how about a reliable holiday allowance calculator? You just choose the holiday rules that apply for each employee (you can have as many as you like), for example full or part time in days or hours and breatheHR calculates it for you, you’ll even find the bank holidays are already in the system.  At any time the employee, manager, or HR user can check how much holiday has been taken and how much is available to take.

This cloud based HR System can do so much more than just organise holidays for you, there’s sickness, appraisals, expenses, employee data review and much, much more.

The best part, if you don’t have time to input all the data to get you started, HR Revolution can do it for you! Why not download the key features guide to the breatheHR software and see how it can really help give you back the time you need to get on with growing your business. | |

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