Work and childcare in the summer holidays

So it’s not always fun in the sun for all of us, but a bit of planning and communication can help.

Most working parents find juggling work and time at home with kids a job in itself!! And then of course there’s childcare to worry about… I’m pretty sure we don’t all have 6 weeks holiday ready to take.  Have you considered your options?

Talk to your manager, are you able to do some flexi time working through the summer? or perhaps you’re able to take advantage of unpaid parental leave? remember communication is key, keep your line manager aware and involved.  Checking the company handbook for any policies they have in place is always a good place to start.

Bosses, use this opportunity to get your policies in order. Do you have people working from home to cover childcare, how are you communicating with them? do you have the correct procedures in place? It’s a really good idea to make sure they still feel part of the team while they’re out of the office.

Lastly, use the quieter summer period to get planning for next year, perhaps you could look into allocated holiday times or weekend working for those who want the weekdays at home. Talk to each other and what works for you and your staff. Your employees are your best asset, don’t lose them because of childcare.

Let’s hope we all get a couple of play days during the summer and enjoy the great British weather… Fingers firmly crossed!!!

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