5 Happy things to say that will make YOU happier today too!

I’m in quite a good mood today, not sure why after all it is Monday and well I’m a little tired after a hectic weekend, but nevertheless I am feeling a little perky and I thought it would be nice if I helped you to feel the same!

And it is so easy; simply by saying a few positive words to someone else, you won’t just improve your mood by being nice, they will feel great which will in turn trigger a positive reaction that will legitimately make you feel happier too, win win!

Here’s 5 positive things to get you started…

1 “I’d like to hear your thoughts about…”

Who doesn’t like to think our opinion really does matter, and I’m sure it does…. sometimes! But seriously this sentence really can make someone feel just that bit more self-worth, which in turn creates happiness for them and positive feelings towards you, et voila! Be careful not to just say this sentence for the sake of it as you will just come across as sarcastic, so make sure you are being sincere; ask about something you are truly interested in and listen actively.

2 “Tell me more.”

This is the best sentence to show someone that you really are listening AND genuinely interested in what they are saying… Second ego boost in one conversation; happy happy happy!

3 “I took your suggestion.”

Boom, hat trick!  Let me set the scene….. You’ve asked “What are your thoughts on the places to eat around here?” they’ve given you a little so you went back with, “tell me more, I mean what are your recommendations”, they give you a couple of places and after lunch you’re straight in with “I took your suggestion…”

It doesn’t even matter if you actually took their suggestion, maybe you didn’t fancy it or the queue was too long or maybe you did and it wasn’t for you,  but either way their opinion mattered and isn’t that one of the most gratifying experiences for anyone? And if the outcome was positive, i.e. you found the best sandwich shop in the South East, then better still!

4 “Thank you.”

This is truly one of the most powerful, underrated phrases in the English language and used far too little (trust me, I’m a mum who longs for the day I get a “Thank you” for anything!! Ok enough self-indulgence besides I am happy today!!) Anyhoo, these two tiny words really do give the recipient I big sloppy smacker of a positive kiss and bring a little smile to any face! (By the way, thanks for reading this blog!) It’s true, it really is the little things sometimes.

5 “You’re welcome.”

Unlike the other sentences, where you are free to change them up a bit to suit your situation, this one should not be changed. A simple “no probs” or nod will not cut the mustard you need to say the full “ You’re welcome” for them to truly feel they are!

Other lines you could try and incorporate into your day might be… (Ooh but be sure to end them with something positive and you’re onto a winner):

I’m sorry…. (not an easy one to say I know but try it, you might like it!!)

You really impress me…

I’d like to be more like you…

Look how far you’ve come…

I’m always happy to see you…

You might not reaslise this but…

I believe in you…

Ok so I know some of these might be a little cheesy , but who doesn’t like a bit of cheese, besides the worst that can happen is it makes them laugh… but at least they will be happy and you’ll be laughing too!

So people, stop reading and get spreading the Happy!

If you have people in your team that bring the mood down, or have a problem with communication, get in touch and see where we can help.

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Adapted from a post originally by @BILLMURPHYJR 


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