Well what a couple of weeks it’s been for History!

We’re making history all over the place but for some it hasn’t felt all that positive, well tonight that changes!  Wales are in the Semi finals of the Euros 2016 and it is their first semi-final at their only major tournament since 1958, that’s already positive.

Now, it’s funny ins’t it a couple of weeks ago they were the underdogs setting out on a journey that no-one thought they would get very far in and now people are claiming left right and centre that somewhere along the line they have links with Wales! Whether it’s a distant cousin that lives there or they used to visit as a child everyone’s claiming that makes them “practically Welsh”!

Well, I’m not Welsh, but I am very proud of them; they were the underdogs, they knew that, and I believe that is what has given them that extra spark and passion to prove everyone wrong.

They are living proof of they saying “Together Everyone Achieves More” a real TEAM and have said in interviews “it’s because we believe in each other” and that’s what makes me proud.

We should all take something from their passion and determination and tell ourselves, if you really want something bad enough and have the right support, you really can achieve anything.

I hope some politicians watch the game tonight and that a little bit of the players true grit rubs off on them. Britain is now being seen as the underdog, but with the right team, support and determination we too can perhaps make history for all the right reasons.

Good luck Wales – pob lwc cymru


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