It’s time to unite in the face of Brexit

Many businesses across the country will still be facing the challenge of a divided staff with all of us wondering what is going to happen now following the result of the EU referendum.

It is clear from the close result that there will be plenty of people in your business who would have voted to remain and are rightly concerned about what their future will hold. It has become apparent that even those who voted leave are starting to question what they have let themselves in for.

The whole country is in a huge state of uncertainty, with the financial markets diving, Cameron’s resignation, the division of the Labour party and Farage’s unhelpful speech at the EU Parliament following the announcement of Britain’s decision to the leave the EU. This is not helped by comments such as those made by EU Council President, Donald Tusk, who has predicted the end of western political civilisation if Brexit was to prevail and who has since announced at the recent summit in Brussels that “Leaders [have] made it crystal clear that access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms – including freedom of movement.”

What you must remember is that although a lot of rash decisions have been made by the government over the last week you should remain calm and remember that this initial reaction will quieten down, although the issue of uncertainty is not going to go away any time soon.

As business leaders, you have a tough job ahead of you in uniting your staff in this decision. Your job today, and over the next few weeks is to reassure your staff in any way that you can. Of course it is neither right, nor fair, to be unrealistic but whilst staying in the real world, try to reassure your team about the company’s ability to ride out whatever may be thrown at your organisation.

It is all too easy for people in this type of situation to talk their way into a hole; for us collectively to talk our way into a recession. The way to counter that trend is to look for constructive ways to move forward, to be creative and to find ways to protect the organisation against the more dramatic effects of the Brexit process.

It is unlikely that western political civilisation will end, that is a dramatic statement for the EU Council President to have made in the wake of a tough decision. All that we can do now as a country and, you as a business, is unite in the face of uncertainty and continue to do great work, while there is still great work to be done.


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