Is there a “moaner” among you? 3 tips to help you handle them

I have an uncle that is the loveliest person in the world, so kind and fun BUT he comes with one very irritating trait… he’s a complainer! Yep, every time I see him without fail, he has something else to moan about. Now, his moans are usually medical, it’s either a bad back, a swollen knee, a headache or sometimes he just “doesn’t feel right” but there is always something.

It got me thinking do you have someone in your office that’s a bit like that?? They moan about the journey into work, the heating’s not on, someone’s left paper on their desk, the chair doesn’t feel right, they’ve got more to do than anyone, their computer is slower than everyone else… You get my drift.

Well the bad news is, you will never change them, they are just made that way, but you can learn how to handle them with these little tips:

  1. Do not, whatever you do tell them you have the same issue or even worse a bigger problem. That will irritate them, diminish their hardships which might hurt their feelings and ultimately may lead to them hanging around even longer moaning even more, just to establish the fact that their problem really is worse!
  2. Do show that you are listening, with a little “oh that must be so frustrating for you” or a “I hope they sort it soon for you”… be sympathetic, but do not allow yourself to take on their problem or get sucked into the blame game.
  3. Do not try to get them to see it from another angle, argue with them about it or make suggestions; that will just make it so much worse. They just want to let off steam, so let them, then nod and move on to your own work and with a bit of luck they will do the same.

The big thing to remember is, they don’t want a solution or for you to fix it, they just want you to acknowledge them… so do just that, but swiftly.

This is how I deal with my uncle, and I hope it helps you to deal with the moaners among you! Distraction with tea and biscuits always works for me too, so if all else fails, pop the kettle on!

No guides to download today, just a little titbit of advice from us to you… Happy Monday! | |

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