Ideas worth spreading…

Last Saturday I attended the TEDx talk in Tunbridge Wells.  TEDx for those who don’t know it is a world renowned creative conference, founded under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading” and has been running for 32 years.

Sadly, I was feeling rather sorry for myself as my attendance was with a rather bad hangover down to the previous night’s excesses!!  But it turned out to be most inspiring and productive way to spend a few hours of my day and for once I was able to think less about myself and how I was feeling and focus on the amazing, inspiring, creative talent that can be found in my local area.

Nick Adams who chairs the organisation in Tunbridge Wells said, “the theme ‘leap of faith’ is to encourage people to think a little differently and view the world in a different way, feel a little more inspired, a bit more professional about what they do and a more informed person”.

Over the course of the day there were 17 speakers, all very compelling, but the ones that most inspired me were the people that tirelessly work to make the world a better place, one day at a time.

Ringpullman a local TW resident that dresses as a mysterious caped crusader, glides around town on a unicycle raising awareness of the Philippine Community Fund (PCF) who help children in the Philippines that scavenge on rubbish tips to find ring pulls for their parents to make a living.  By asking us to collect ring pulls from cans they can be turned into handbags, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery that can be sold by the PCF, giving these children a chance to get out of the slums and to go to school.

Jaz O’Hara quit her job in fashion to become a humanitarian after seeing the conditions in the Calais ‘refugee jungle’.  It was the power of Facebook that championed her cause – one personal blog on what she had seen went viral overnight and reached over 65,000 people, who donated clothes, blankets and has so far raised over £150,000.

The charitable causes list goes on and as individuals, as Corporations, as Society we can and should try to make a difference, doing nothing is not an option.

Question is what are you going to do to make a difference? | |

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