Is your office ready for the long hot summer*?!

This week finally the temperature is set to rise. Conversation in the HR Rev office has turned to bikini diets and summer holidays. I will be making the most of my lunch hour basking in the sunshine, watching the world go about its business will a smile – amazing what a blue sky day can do for moral of the masses, so as ever the optimist summer is very firmly on the horizon!!

However, is your business ready?

As always, a little preparation can go a long way. Here, are a few considerations that you might need to think about to make sure your business is ready…

Are you keeping spirits high?

The summer can be a bit of an issue for employers and there are often many factors at play that can present unique circumstances. Employees are taking time off, sunny beer gardens seem much more appealing than the office, popular sporting events Euro 2016, Wimbledon, Ascot, the 2016 Olympics in Rio to name but a few are scheduled for right in the middle of the working day.

So it’s easy to see why motivation and engagement can sometimes be lacking over the warmer months. Instead of trying to firefight problems once they arise, be proactive and consider what you can do to raise spirits. Organise an outdoor picnic during the lunch hour, treat your staff to an ice cream, or organise to have the biggest sporting events (see above) streamed into the workplace. Small gestures can often go a long way and will make for a happy workplace.

How will you handle a heat wave?  (we can live in hope!!!)

Every now and again, the weather throws a pleasant surprise our way and it is the topic of most offices during the summer months as to whether the Met Office has got its predictions right and we will have the “hottest summer on record” and be able to wheel out the BBQ on a daily basis.  But as an employer do you know what’s expected of you when it comes to managing the working environment when temperatures soar? There’s no upper guideline or legislation to refer to, so it’s about using a bit of simple common sense. Is the office getting hot and stuffy? Is it uncomfortable for your staff? If so, think about making some adjustments. Fans can make a good quick fix, and you should always ensure that fresh cold water is available for drinking.

Also, it may be wise to revisit your dress code policy with employees and set some parameters for summer dress, what is acceptable or what is not in the office.  Nobody wants to have the conversation summer casual vs. summer sloppy!! And in my experience there is always a lot of scope for interpretation!!

Download our free ready to use Dress Code policy template here

Have you mapped out staffing requirements?

More often than not, the summer months pose challenges in terms of making sure that you effectively manage the annual leave rota so work still gets done. The starting point here must involve working out what you need. How will you ensure the phones are answered, and queries are dealt with in a timely manner? How many team members need to be present at any given time? Go back to basics.

Don’t forget to think about how you can use this period to create opportunities. It can be a time to engage employees who are eager to progress and step up and contribute to ongoing projects whilst their colleagues are away, or take on a more diverse range of responsibilities to assist with their professional development.

Perhaps you’ve got your plan of action mapped out, and you are confident that you’re ready for the long hot summer*. Or maybe you’re feeling unorganised and worried about the issues you know you’ll have to handle in the very near future.   If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have.

*wishful thinking | |

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