Wellbeing in the workplace…

Wellbeing is an important issue for businesses these days…

Healthier workplaces are more productive and being recognised as an employer that takes the health and wellbeing of employees seriously will reflect positively on the reputation and culture of any business.

The workplace has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being  and as employees spend around 60 percent of their waking hours in work (scary thought and shows how work-life is not so well balanced in this day and age), healthy habits can make a big impact on employee wellbeing.

This biggest issue is work-related stress and this can affect anyone, in any sector, in any size of business.  Also stress has an enormous personal and professional cost on employees, in terms of illness, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loss of concentration and an inability to make sound decisions. Stress also disturbs employees’ productivity and creativity.

Tackling stress is all about good management. Many forward-thinking companies are now recognising the connection between a healthy workforce and business performance, but the majority of businesses seem to have taken the attitude that stress is still not their problem to solve.

Poor management of workplace health can lead to work-related ill health and high levels of sickness absence.  This gives real cause for concern, not least because of the costs involved, the impact on service delivery and the consequences for individual employees.  Sickness absence is a key business issue, and it is a key indicator of how well a business is managed.  You need healthy and well-motivated employees if they are to deliver high-quality services and commonsense management, the implementation of appropriate technical solutions and more practical steps like limiting the length of meetings can all help to simplify working life.

Work related ill health accounts for some 28 million working days lost a year in Great Britain alone, a staggering figure.

Of course as individuals we are all responsible for the lifestyle choices we make daily, but employers can also make healthy choices easier for their staff.

Creating a more balanced working environment is the best way to produce results with the emphasis on office layout, lots of natural light, fresh air, calming colours, a clutter free and well organised workspace are just some of the basic steps to create a friendly, stress-free office environment.

Creating a business culture of support and flexibility, healthy adaptations and on-site wellbeing activities in the workplace all encourage your employees to take positive steps for healthy living.

By investing in staff wellbeing you’ll create a healthier workforce that feels valued, and you’ll be rewarded with wide-ranging business benefits.

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