Shared Parental Leave a year on…

Shared Parental Leave, which allows new parents to split their maternity entitlement more equally came into effect just over a year ago.

However a study by advice firm My Family Care and the Women’s Business Council shows that just 1 in 100 fathers are using these new laws to take time off to care for their newborns.

The policy was designed to help dads play a bigger role in bringing up children and help women get back to work sooner, but just one per cent of fathers have actually used it, despite 63% saying they would in the future.  Al Ferguson of fathers’ support network website The Dad Network said, “There is still a stigma attached to a father’s role within parenting.  Many working fathers still feel a duty to go out and earn money, despite having this option to stay at home with their new baby”.

It is early days for the Shared Parental Leave policy, but once companies start introducing more family-friendly ways of working the notion of sharing leave will become accepted practice and the figures should gradually increase.

Have you thought about introducing Shared Parental leave within your business?  Download our Shared Parental Leave policy here, or speak to HR Revolution who can assist you with anything to do with Paternity, Maternity or other Parental leave.

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