Please detox your desk now…

After reading a few articles on office hygiene, I thought it would be interesting to share the following information.  I’m sat at my desk right now writing this, with a banana and grapes within easy reach…  I’m not so sure I will be keeping them on my desk from now on!!! I’m off to wash my hands and pass the anti-bacterial spray!!

Workplace illness is one of the leading causes of inefficiency and falling behind in your daily tasks and unhygienic working conditions are a key contributor, is it any wonder when there are 10 million bacteria lurking between your keyboard, hidden on the mouse and nestled in your phone and chair….that’s 100 times more than your kitchen and 400 times more than your toilet seat….eeew!

So your average desk is a prime breeding ground for infections…

In a recent survey it was reported that 50% of office workers admit that they don’t wash their hands regularly particularly after using the toilet!!   80% of common infections are transmitted by touch, so  if someone in the office fails to wash their hands, their colleagues can pick up their bacteria by touching door handles or any surface they come into contact with.  The bacteria is then at risk to being transferred when people touch their eyes or mouths, causing colds, coughs, flu, norovirus and food poisoning.

Also, workers that eat at their desk and don’t clean up afterwards by not throwing away rubbish or clearing their cutlery and crockery away can attract a host of disease carrying vermin, including cockroaches and mice…

So take a minute out of your busy work day to wipe down your desk or workspace, your health might just thank you for it…




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