Blue Monday? Definitely NOT!

Ok so today is officially “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year when the dreaded Christmas Credit Card bill lands on your mat, the weather isn’t great and the resolutions are more than likely broken!

But we laugh in the face of this nonsense… I mean yes the weather isn’t perfect, but nor is it on any other day in January and as for the bills, it doesn’t seem to stop the entire country heading to the high street to bag the “bargain of the century”! No I think it is quite the opposite and in fact London agree with me.

In a recent survey around 85% of Londoner’s didn’t know when Blue Monday was and more than a third didn’t even know what it was, so it clearly can’t be that bad, I would even go so far as to say that we feel quite the opposite and given our love of the sales and a renewed outlook on life we are actually “happy”. With true Brit enthusiasm for the new year, we have a new found optimism at this time and therefore tend to put in place more minor manageable changes that we will succeed at.

So if you are feeling blue today, don’t! If you are in your office, (hopefully reading this blog) and need something to focus on, why not get your paperwork in order, you will feel so much better if you do. Why not let us help you… maybe you need to put together an employee handbook or a new contract of employment for those new starters you have, or just need some general HR Documents, then check out our online Doc Shop!

Your minor change can be letting us do the hard work for you and “together we will rename Blue Monday…. Happy Monday!”

The HRREV Blogger l l


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