Happy New Year, have you made your Resolution?

Well here we are again, the start of another year and after a month of complete indulgence, it’s time to set out our Resolutions for 2016.

Yes whether you pledge to ban the booze, sack the cigarettes or join a gym we are all making promises that we hope will make us better people or improve our life, well for 2016 at least. Businesses are also cashing in on this “promise” and everywhere you look there is another advert with the strap line “New Year, New You”… one in particular sticks in my mind for a protein shake being drunk by 5 gym-wear clad super models which, adversely, is enough to make me reach for the left over quality street! But anyway it all sounds great doesn’t it. Of course it does, but in reality in 3 weeks time at least 35% of us will have already fallen of the Resolution Wagon! And why?? well perhaps we are just not that realistic; we all vow to give up things we think we should rather than what we want to, and forget to promise to do something that will really improve our life that might actually be achievable.

Number 3 in the top 10 Resolutions made for this year, was to get a better work life balance, and I think this is the best one; after all you need to get this one right or giving up things that you enjoy are much harder when your stressed, and you have no hope of hitting the gym if you’re always at work!

So without sounding like another cheesy sales pitch why not embrace the New Year, New You philosophy and put your efforts into this one thing? It really is a fantastic time to be one of the movers and shakers of the employment world. You have the motivation you need to start the life changing search and businesses are looking for the Next Big Thing to make all their 2016 goals come true!

Check out the Career Development Section on our website and put into use the tools we have to offer now, and be in the small percentage that really do make a success of their new year resolution! (psst, we’ve given you some freebies to get you going!)


Happy New Year the HR Rev Blogger!


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