4 more sleeps to go!

Yep that’s right, just 4 little days until it is completely acceptable for us to eat our own body weight in delicious goodies! We’re not fussy either what those goodies are; if you are like me I will enjoy my cheese selection just as much as my selection box of chocs!! So why is it then with all that food so close on the horizon that our office is at bursting point with treats!!

Scientists have done numerous studies on this exact thing (I didn’t realise it was quite such a phenomenon) and apparently there are feeders among us. These are people who bring in tasty goods and encourage everyone to partake in the feasting other than themselves.

Whilst this may well be true, I like to think that the people in my office are not feeders and instead have taken on my philosophy, it’s Christmas, so why not!! And it is as simple as that.

We are indulging simply because we can, after all, when else in the year can you justify buying 1KG worth of chocolate just because it is only four pounds!!

Here is a little tip though from the “scientist” we eat 5.6 times more chocolate if it is placed on a nearby desk then if we had to walk two meters to get it, so just put the bowl near the printer!

As this is an HR blog I will also add, that chocolate makes you happy, happiness makes you work with more enthusiasm, sharing is caring and everyone is working wonderfully together, so really it is all for the good of team spirit!

Enjoy and indulge at its Christmas!! HR won’t mind, it’s only chocolate and we don’t as yet have a policy for Chocolate consumption in the office at Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the HRRev Blogger @HRREV


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