December Survival Guide

Well I don’t know about you, but my year just seems to have flown by! I woke up yesterday and had a very harsh reality check when my daughter excitedly threw an advent calendar at me…. Hang on, it surely isn’t December already!! A slight panic rose in my stomach thinking off all the things I have to do in just three short weeks. I hope I’m not the only one that is experiencing the same feeling that seems to put in me in a very odd and slightly snappy mood when really I should be full of festive spririt, skipping around singing falalalala’s in my head!

So how about the rest of the world? Are you stressed, working every hour, trying to do a million and one things at once at work and at home? Well I have had a day to think about the best way to deal with this December’s impending chaos and have a few tips to share with you to ensure you get the balance and can enjoy the festive season! First thing on the list; stay calm!

Control – If a difficult situation arises don’t lash out, be calm and take lots of deep breathes take a moment and think about your response, think it through, you will be less likely to say or act in manor you will regret! Be it with a work colleague or a queue of stressful shoppers waiting to purchase the last of their Christmas gifts!

Communicate – We are all guilty of communicating via email, with colleagues or Managers even if they sit across the desk from you! Emails can be misinterpreted. Arrange a meeting it doesn’t have to be a lengthy one, or pick up the phone. Talk to each other and you will not be misunderstood! This carries through with home life too, remember it’s good to talk!

Stay Calm – If someone upsets you at work, try and separate the person from their actions. You cannot stop stressful situations happening, but you can change your attitude towards them.  Think of your success and strengths and this will boost your self-esteem!

Stay Well – Take time to look after you, you cannot function through illness of tiredness make sure you eat well. We all over look our well being as we have such busy lives, but to function at our best and enjoy Christmas festivities we need to follow the few simple rules!

Enjoy all the festivities and for a free consultation contact us @HRREV

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