National “Unfriend” Day!

Ok, so here it is, only 25% of your “friends” on your social media are actual friends!

The rest are mostly made up of people you went to school with, which lets face it, are only there because you were nosy and wanted to know if either they had made anything of their lives, had let themselves go a bit or because you were hoping Mr and Mrs Popular have turned out to be pretty dull and non achieving, thus making you a little happier! Ok that’s harsh but true right! And the others on there I bet you can’t even remember meeting and a few you won’t even like.

So do you really want hundreds of friends? I mean why do you want to receive posts about a child who just tied their laces for the first time, that you have never even met because lets face it you haven’t seen the parents in 20 years! No let this madness stop and have a friend declutter Now! Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you decide who stays and who just has to go, and then I beg you take action…

Q. For a starter as I have just said, do they post loads of baby / childhood pics?

If Yes, ask yourself the next question…

Q. Do you even know the child or indeed the parent and have any kind of emotional attachment to them at all??

No? Well sorry, they’ve got to go. Tell them to bombard the Grandparents instead!

Q. Do they post spoilers for your favourite TV shows?

Ditch, ditch, ditch! come on people they signed their own “de-friend” warrant with that one!

Q. Do they post a constant stream of “smug shots” of their approval seeking “perfect life”?

Why are you depressing yourself – Delete!

Q. Do they find the need to send on “chain mails”?

It doesn’t come true people, it is just annoying… Goodbye!

Q. Do they constantly send you Candy Crush Requests?

Seriously tell them to spend the 79p and get rid!

Q. Do they post cute pics and funny videos of animals?

Well who doesn’t like that? They can stay 🙂

Q. Finally would you ever actually have a conversation with them?

What’s that, no you wouldn’t? Well you know what to do… Au Revoir!

Do you know what I feel better already, bet you do to!

With Social media actually on the decline, because people are “fed-up” with it ruling their lives, why make it even worse for yourself? Go on have a declutter of the friend kind

I apologise if anyone is offended by being unfriended, but bet they don’t even notice!

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