What I Wish I Was taught at School…..


It’s World Teachers Day 2015 today! Now whether you loved or hated school, or now as adults whether you think teachers have it easy or not, we should remember they do look after our little darlings for more than 6 hours a day, and take it from a mum who barely survived the summer holidays doing exactly that, I applaud them!

But it has made me think about what I learnt at school, I mean have I ever actually put Pythagoras theorem to the test, err no but I do like to think that my grammar is good, I can work out what discount I’m getting when the sales are on (invaluable!!) and I can get by when ordering a coffee with sugar when I ever pop to the continent so all in all I did ok.

But there are so many times I have said “well they don’t teach you that in school do they!” I mean there are things in life that I could have really done with being taught about! Like….

DIY – The Truth!
I’m not talking anything crazy just a few basics….
When I was at school we did wood work and DT (design technology) which basically involved making a keyring out of melted plastic or a junk model of the Eiffel Tower using odds and ends of wood, NOT something I’ve had much call for since!! No what I would have liked is for them to have taught us the truth behind flat pack! How to really read ‘picture only’ instructions where slots A and B are always the other way round, that there will ALWAYS be one extra screw left over to make you feel like you have done it all wrong and will collapse if you put the slightest pressure on it AND that no matter what they say it is NEVER a one man job (unless you have three arms!)

We should have had “A Useful Tips Lesson!”
If they just gave you one a week that would be over 500 useful little nuggets you’d leave school with! Covering the basics like …

Drinking on a ‘school night’ really IS a bad idea, you may feel fine the next morning but there is an enormous wall that will hurl itself at you around 11am which will leave you feeling that you will never possibly survive the next 6 and half hours without a duvet, Panadol extra and perhaps a power nap!

If you spend all of your wages in the first week, you will not have any money for the next three weeks!

Never allow your picture to be taken when you look your most stupid by someone with a smart phone!

Don’t give yourself the email address bigboobbrenda@loveme.com it goes on application forms you know!

How to come up with instant excuses without looking like you’re lying – I know that’s a bit mean, but helpful right!?!

Google is NOT the place to go for medical advice

What are all those symbols on a washing machine?!?! Can I not just stick it in and press on!

How to live with someone, and cope when they just won’t put their plate in the dishwasher, their dirty clothes in the basket and the toilet seat down… And breathe!

Know when, even though you are 100% right, just to keep it to yourself!

And Small talk, I mean how do you do it?!?! Is there a list of generic questions that some people get given that they just reel off? It’s just so hard and I always just seem to be saying “so…” and that’s it…. Awkward!!

Anyway that is probably enough from me, and you get the picture… But if there are any teachers out there reading this, I don’t suppose you can slip these little tips into the national curriculum, you would be helping generations from future hardship. Just a little Life Skills class here and there would do wonders!

Is there anything you wish you had been taught but hadn’t?? My colleague said “how to make a million before you’re 30! 🙂

Whilst looking on the web around this topic, I found a lot of students that have just left school are all saying the same thing that they wish they had more help with how to look for a job, write a CV and have an interview, which is something we can help with, so get in touch if that’s you!

Teachers We Salute you!
The HRREV Blogger

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