Stop the Nightmares!


I have been reading a lot lately on marketing and how best to interact with your audience. If anyone out there is also looking to expand their business you will know that it can be a minefield of try this and try that, run special offers, interact, be personal but the one I liked most was be real.

People like to feel that it is a real person writing blogs and posting tweets etc (and I can promise you, I am definitely real!) so I thought this week’s blog could be just that!

I came across this the other day, you may not think it is particularly HR related but looking at no’s 3, 8 and 10 it could be!

Did you know a quarter of Britons suffers a nightmare at least once a week, according to a survey and the top 10 most common nightmares are:

1. Losing a loved one
2. Being poor
3. Losing your job
4. Being chased
5. Falling from a great height
6. Your teeth falling out
7. Being attacked by a tarantula spider
8. Being naked at an important event
9. Being a child again
10. Kissing your boss

Now I know that I have very vivid dreams and they can sometimes effect my mood the next day and can make me more or less productive! Haven’t we all had “those” dreams, the ones that make you feel really awkward around certain people in the office…. haven’t we?? Tell me I’m not alone!!

Maybe work itself is influencing your sleep pattern and in turn causing a bit of a vicious cycle? If you go to sleep dreaming about how to get that dream job or are worried that you need to look for another job (clearly it is causing us nightmares), get in touch and see how one of our Rev.Me packages could help you, from a simple CV re-write to helping you launch a whole new you to the employment world, we have it sorted. Now all you have to worry about is that giant spider heading your way!

Until then, sweet dreams from the HR Blogger

2 thoughts on “Stop the Nightmares!

  1. It is interesting what you say about marketing and coming across as a real person; it is so easy for marketers to get caught up in targets and hitting numbers etc., that often this important element is lost.

    thanks for sharing.

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