How Many Job Hats Do you Wear??

Long gone are the days of the “that’s not my job” culture and more and more of us are expected to wear many many hats in our job but why? Because we have to! Employers have been through tough times over the past few years with the economy and have needed to get the absolute most out of their employees as they simply don’t have the money to employ more staff, and why do the employees comply, because they need the job.

One of the biggest amalgamations we come across is the ‘Office Manager’ taking on the role of HR Executive / Health and Safety Guru / Employment Law Specialist! Now those of us that work in those roles know it’s not as easy as just keeping holiday forms up to date or making sure the Health and Safety Law poster is on the wall, there is a lot more to it, such as Appraisals, Maternity Leave, Statutory Pay Increases, Disability at work, Motivating Staff and sadly Disciplinary and Redundancy procedures to name just a few!

So where do you turn to when your boss suddenly expects you to be an expert in all these areas and action them accordingly, after all Google can only tell you so much! Well we can help! We can help you put together a nifty little ‘go to’ folder filled with the vital information you need to get your paperwork house in order and ensure you are compliant with the current employment legislation. Simply click here and you will find a host of must-have documents from handbooks and contracts to holiday forms and expense forms and many of them are FREE! And for extra support, why not buy yourself some HR Time and talk through your areas of concern with one of our specialist!

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