Why you should invest time in appraising your appraisal process

The Traditional appraisal is often the cringe-appraisal, the none-value-add appraisal, the I can’t be bothered appraisal, the I don’t have the time appraisal, the you don’t deliver on any of your promises appraisal… so no wonder no one gets excited when it comes around.

It seems that there are a number of reasons why employees seem to hate performance reviews:

Employees hate getting performance appraisals because they always expect the worst, or they assume nothing will be actioned from them as there is never any follow up. Managers hate preparing and giving performance appraisals because they take up too much time and attention when they could be focused on hitting sales and delivery targets. HR hates administering the performance appraisal process because no one really buys into it and it takes for ever to get feedback. HR always seem to be blamed for the process not happening!

So why stick with the traditional appraisal?

There is no need to stick with the old ways… make your appraisals your own, build them into your culture, turn them into something that your employees look forward to and use to improve on their skills and careers.

Consider why you need appraisals:

1. What value do they add to your employees?
2. What value do they add to your managers and their management abilities?
3. How can they support the growth of your individuals and your business?
4. How do you make sure they are used properly and really taken seriously?

Think about the objectives you need to fit with the business, how the culture of the business expects your employees to be and work with that. Build your appraisal process as part of your business planning. Build them in line with your job expectations and consider who you hire and you have the start of an amazing development program that will ultimately self-manage itself. By training your management and employees on the positive results from delivering the appraisal process fully and running the complete process regularly you can truly gain value.

If you need ideas there are plenty of articles online, how to and how not to.. Your HR teams should thrive on the opportunity to redesign your performance reviews and if you don’t have one then contact your HR consultancy.

Get it right and make a true difference to the engagement and development of your team and ultimately the growth of your business and its constantly learning culture.

HRREV Blogger, HR Revolution | HR Outsourcing UK

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