​The bad behaviours of others could in fact be your fault…

Some people only thrive when they are sandwiched in between other people. They feel confident when they are in a group of others who possess or encourage the same antisocial ​or bad behaviours.
Two weeks ago, I was on a train heading into London and this young guy surrounded by a group of his friends was harassing passengers outside of his group. He was standing on the seats and blurting out rude and inappropriate statements. His friends were encouraging him and although they were a little loud too they were really just a fan group and audience to the ring leader. I wondered to myself, what this guy would be like if his audience was removed…
And then I wondered no more, as a week later on the same journey, low and behold the same guy sitting in front of me minus his pack of laughing hyenas. He didn’t make a sound let alone show any behavioural resemblance of the person I witnessed the week prior. He even smiled at the elderly lady he sat next to.
So it got me thinking… Who is to blame? The person with bad behaviour or the pack of people who encourage it? I concluded with both. When there was no one to egg this guy on, he seemed like a perfectly well balanced, behaved member of society.
Sure people should take accountability for their actions, but people should also take accountability for what actions they encourage.
Although I truly believe that people should accept others for who they I don’t believe we as a​ society should accept bad behaviours, yet we do. We accept poor levels of customer service, negative relationships that are bad for us, poor performance from employees or out sourced services,​ and bad behaviour in general.
People in all areas of your life will treat you how you allow them to treat you. If we collectively decided that as the human race, we would not allow people to treat us in anyway that is unacceptable then people would not be conditioned to think that bad behaviours are acceptable.​
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