Recruitment Solutions

We are delighted to announce that our talent division now offers a unique two way approach towards our recruitment solutions, offering both variety and flexibility in place of what is commonly known to be a narrow offering.

Bespoke recruitment strategies and platform design – Build it and they will come…

This service includes a free end to end analysis of your company’s current recruitment position which will start with a review and end in consultation. We then design a proposal based on what has been agreed upon in terms of what you would like built into your recruitment platform. If you have nothing in place already we can build your recruitment strategy from the ground up, however if you have a basic process in place we can work with you to evolve this, ensuring it ties in with your business’s ethos and values.

These recruitment solutions include but are not limited to; recruitment process design, position description design, candidate success profile design,​interview technique training, interview guide/document design, advertising and employer branding strategies and candidate management strategies.

​​Introducing our unbundled recruitment services – The same great recruitment service worked your way! Why do you engage recruitment agencies?

–   You don’t have any recruitment processes in place or any methods to attract and select candidates

– You are under resourced and simply don’t have time

–  You require assistance from an expert with relevant industry contacts

Rarely does a business engage an agency for all of the above reasons, so do you actually need to engage a recruiter for the entire process?

​The answer is no, not always!

​So rather than offering all or nothing, we now offer all or just some things. Basically we have unwrapped the end to end recruitment process creating an offering that has flexibility in which you can control. Rather than forking out for the entire process, you choose what you would like us to get involved with and only pay for the services you need.

These unbundled services include but are not limited to; advertisement writing and marketing, position description design, CV screening and short-listing, Phone interviews and short-listing, joint interviews, interviewing internal applicants, job offers and contract design.

To find out more call us today on: +44 (0) 203 538 5311 or email us on:


3 thoughts on “Recruitment Solutions

  1. You made a great site it’s amazing and very nice. I am excited about your thoughts You sharing such a useful posts they very help us Thanks for sharing the posts I like your site a lot. You gave us the best posts

    1. Hi Candidate Management

      Many thanks for your comments, it’s great to know that you are finding our posts informative and helpful. Kind regards Mel @ HR Rev

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