Fathers gain the right to time off for antenatal appointments.

Do you currently allow your expectant Dad’s or civil partners to take time off for antenatal appointments?

If you don’t, from 1st October you will need to allow them to take time off work to attend up to 2 appointments during their partner’s pregnancy.  The time doesn’t have to be paid, and given that hospitals generally allocate such appointments on a first come first served basis, it’s likely that they are not going to fall at convenient times of the day for your business.  You can’t ask your employee to make the time up either, so check your policies and make sure that they are up to date!

This change in legislation is the first part of the wider changes in shared parental leave, which will implement in December and may have a big impact on businesses.  More to come on this subject later in the year.

Are you ready for this change?!  Do your policies reflect this legislation, we can help you to amend these and make sure that you business is ready for the changes in time!

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