Unaccountable people are ruining the WORLD!

We live in a non-accountable society where fingers are getting pointed left, right and centre… I am constantly worried about losing an eye from all the finger pointing that takes place on a daily basis.

  • Parents blaming children / Children blaming parents
  • Customers blaming businesses / Businesses blaming customers
  • Staff blaming managers / Managers blaming staff

AND the list goes on! I would say we live in a world where the people who do actually take accountability are outnumbered by those who don’t take any responsibility for their actions.

​ ​I mean, don’t you think the world would be a better place if more people looked at every situation where $#!T has hit the fan and said to themselves…“Well maybe if I did ‘this’ or ‘that’ differently things would have worked out better?” If you just said no then this article was written for you, so read on.

You see when people take accountability for their actions and self-reflect as a result, they try to do things differently and better next time, therefore things get better… regardless of the situation.

​Here’s the thing, no one is perfect. We have all been or will be unaccountable at some point in our lives. Even if you’re the sort of person who generally takes responsibility for your actions, it is hard to maintain in every situation.

We have all been cut off before by other motorist before, yes? Straight away we get frustrated, yell within the confined space of our car and perhaps use a little bit of colourful language?  BUT how many of you have stopped to look down at your speedometer or looked in your review mirror to see if the traffic behind you is back to back?

Now, I am not excusing someone cutting someone else off but it brings the argument forward, what if it was your fault? What if you weren’t looking and they had been indicating for a very long time and no one would let them in? Or if you were going so fast that they weren’t really cutting you off, you were just speeding?  Regardless, the only behaviour that you can directly assess for change is your own.

This example is not to tell you that you’re probably a rubbish driver… It is to demonstrate that blaming someone else for something before we self-reflect doesn’t help anyone or change anything. If there was something you could have done differently and you do it better next time​,​ then in ​this case ​the road is on its way to being a slightly safer place.

Naturally we blame others and point the finger, why? Because it helps us avoid having to self-reflect and making changes within ourselves.  This isn’t healthy, nor is it effective. Sure self-development is confronting​,​ but it is necessary.  It will also make your life so much easier as the blame game is a vicious cycle ​and self improve is a one way street in the right direction. Unaccountable people are ruining the world and unaccountable managers are ruining the work place.

Unaccountable managers say things like “the economy is affecting my results” or “business has been quiet/slow/dead”. Ughhhh if your business is quite it’s because you’re not making any noise… If business is slow it’s because you’re moving at a glacial pace and if your business is dead…. It’s probably because you killed it.

These types of managers are not good at holding their team members accountable eith​er. ​They ​are the kind of managers who ​don’t make their expectations clear from the beginning and then when their employees are not performing they blame them! What an absolute​ cheek…

So I’ll leave you with this – Before you try to hold some accountable for something, make sure you are accountable first.

HR Revolution Blogger

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