Ohhh that Pythagoras theory really helped me in life said no one ever…

In case you’re not with me just yet… I am implying that our education system is incredibly flawed. Now before you start screaming at me through your computer screen,  I am not suggesting that going to school, college or university is not worth while, it absolutely is. What I am saying is that the way we educate young people is missing some fundamental teachings that allow people to experience some of the real world while they are locked away for years learning to become an expert in one field. Which is great because we need these experts!

We need kick ass lawyers to win cases for us, surgeons to save our lives, environmentalists to keep our planet alive and thriving. So it’s for these reasons that I am grateful for our education system… But what about everything else??? What about how to actually get a job once you’re finished? And no careers teams at Universities, telling people about internships or how to write a resume doesn’t always help and it certainly isn’t going to guarantee anyone a job.

Here’s what will… Your firm professional hand shake, your confidence and ability to communicate your knowledge, your interest in the company you have applied for and the passion for your field. Oh and a bit of tact goes along way too, but guess what, students aren’t taught that either.

These are just some of the things that will help you impress your prospective employer… so I don’t understand why these things aren’t being taught to compliment all the theory we are shoving down their throats. I can’t believe how many people don’t actually know how to offer a proper hand shake. #idontlikeshakinghandswithadeadwetfish

And what about once people have a job and start earning some money? For the sake of our economy, young people need to be shown how to manage their money! They need to see how much extra money they would have by their 30’s if they didn’t take out loans that attract 15% payable interest. They need to be taught how to go about saving and growing their money and how to ensure they stay out of debt so that one day they can own one of the most valuable commodities available… a house.

And to those of you who carry on about it being a parent’s responsibility… you’re kidding yourselves. When your mum and dad bought a house it was a hand shake… not a 50 page document where the people who actually wrote it don’t even understand it. If they were borrowing some money It was just a meeting with the village bank manager… now you have a meeting with a computer that basically tells its administrator whether you’re a safe bet or not. The world changes for each generation and the assistance parents can give these days is somewhat limited. So regardless of whether someone chooses this path or not… they should at least be shown how to get there.

Although I appreciate the merit of education, it is only giving people knowledge in one field and not helping them to be well rounded members of society. And as we all know, a huge portion of people who go to university and put themselves into thousands of pounds debt don’t necessarily get a job in their chosen field. No wonder youth depression is on the rise. If they were taught more valuable skills like communication, negotiation and personal finance management it would give them a much better chance of getting somewhere, even if it’s not exactly where they planned to be.

–The HR Revolution Blogger

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