Examining What it Means to Be a Great HR Business Partner

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This morning I read an interesting working group summary from CAHRS about the changing role of the HR Business Partner. It’s chock-full of wonderful insights from a myriad of HR people at amazing companies including Chevron, Cisco, GE, IBM, Shell, and Verizon. And it’s an absolute must read for any HR Generalist (it caused me to re-think much of the way I approach the function). Check it out here.

With that said, today I want to focus on a section near the end of the summary. It examines the qualities (as determined by HR leaders at the working group) that define great HRBPs. It reads as follows:

Good vs Great
…Again, go here for the full article, but this is a good list because it speaks to qualities that most of us should be able to recognize in ourselves… or not. Reading through it gave me a good road map for where I am and where…

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