‘Deal doers’ VS the real deal

Do people like recruiters? From our research it seems “no not at all.” Not even a little bit.

This dislike towards recruiters stems from a special breed of recruiter – the notorious s#!t talking, deal doers. It is no wonder recruiters share a likeness to car salesmen and real-estate agents. So why is it that most recruiters exude annoyance? Is it because they sell their souls for money and will do anything for a quick buck? Yeah ok, it’s definitely a contributor. But personally I think it comes down to one thing… They don’t care!!! And not as in ‘don’t care much’… they don’t care at all.

Before I get stuck into this I need you to know that when I say most recruiters, I mean most recruiters, not all of them. Also, I have run with the word ‘most’ rather than ‘some’ due to the sheer volume of bad over good.  I know some brilliant recruiters and you all know who you are. You’re the ones who will be reading this, shaking your firsts at those damn ‘deal doers’. You’re the ones who don’t feel the need to justify yourselves by leaving a counteracting comment on this post because you know I’m not taking to you when I say recruiters suck!

You see most recruiters go into the job for one reason and one reason only… to give themselves a HUGE sense of importance.  Oh no, It’s not to provide you with an unrivalled service or to help your business realise its potential (like they would have you believe) and it’s definitely not to make YOU feel important!  But if you have in fact worked with a ‘deal doer’ in any capacity you already know this is exactly why you don’t like them. They do this job so they can have a very important control over the fate of hundreds maybe even thousands of candidates, making themselves feel like some sort of god when they place one in a million. And we all know the real reason you have so many candidates, it’s because of all the fake jobs yours posting.

Recruitment should be used as a positive company branding exercise not for ‘personal branding’, and definitely not to kick start your ego. So to all the recruiters out there doing this job for the wrong reason/s, do everyone a favour… quit your job. Or alternatively, change your agenda and do the job because you genuinely want to provide a service that benefits PEOPLE because after all, once you strip back the process, tech talk and commission that’s all you’re left with.

Start by getting back to ALL the candidates that call you for feedback after an interview you sent them on (not just the ones you can make quick money from) and make sure everyone who applies to your jobs (fake or real) gets a polite email to let them know that unfortunately they are not moving forward. And no you’re not too busy… I know how much extra unaccounted time you have in the office because I’ve witnessed you inaction… face booking, socialising with your colleagues excessively and taking long lunches and/or coffee breaks. What’s that? You have too many applicants to get back to that it’s impossible! COME ON!!! Your RMS can send bulk candidate emails, so even if you do get a candidate’s overload there is no excuse for not offering a timely reply. Just make sure your decline emails are not condescending or contradictory, candidates have the right to be upset if your generic response email is super offensive.

If candidates annoy you let me tell you why, it’s because your rubbish at your job. You’re making them ‘annoying’ by not being clear in your ad, not giving timely responses, not providing adequate feedback and not doing what you say you will. And if people don’t get the hint it’s probably because you’re talking in circles.  Here’s another news flash, clients aren’t bringing their recruitment in house to save money, their doing it because, yep you guessed it…. you’re annoying. Your calls are abrupt, pushy and disinterested. I can’t believe how rude some recruiters are… How do you get by? Don’t answer that.

As the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat so you’re ‘killer’ results don’t necessarily promote that you are a good operator. And just because you’re getting good results doesn’t mean that people actually like you or think you’re credible. A good reputation isn’t hard to build… do the right thing by people and your reputation will look after itself.

Recruit better,
-The HR Revolution Blogger

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