Interview Boo Boo No.5 – Don’t Beg!

Did you apply for the job because you fancied a day out OR did you think, that is the job for me, I am quailed and I can do it brilliantly. Have they invited you to the interview just to kill some time, they had some quota to fill NO it was because they believe you are capable of doing the job.

If you spend the whole time looking for signs on their face for approval of what you are saying and just sit saying what you think they want to hear such as “if you give me a chance I am sure I could do it” is tantamount to grovelling…. In short begging. You don’t sound sure of yourself at all. You are there because you are great, you are perfect for the job and they are going to hire you.  I’m not saying be cocky but be confident and have courage in your answers, you will come across much more capable than your stuttering counterpart.

I hope you have enjoyed our advice this week! check in next week to see what we’re talking about 🙂

-The HR Revolution Blogger

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