Interview Boo Boo No.4 – Not Learning from It

Every interview teaches you more about what employers are looking for and is great experience, but they can also tell you about different software or techniques too. Use every experience to make sure you learn about things you don’t already know.

For example, you are going for a marketing internship, they ask you “have you ever used mailchimp?” You answer “no, I’m not familiar with that.” What have you learnt? Not only do they now  think you don’t know what your talking about but you just missed out on hearing about what could be the next big thing in marketing!

Why not say “That sounds like an email marketing package. I haven’t used it but I am very used to working with dotmailer. What make you use Mailchimp? Obviously I am happy to train on it, but perhaps I could show you how the other works too for comparison?” Not only have you asked them a question so you get to learn about mailchimp for if anyone asks in the future, but they also know that you have experience are willing to learn and could also possibly bring something new to the table!

Voila they will remember you for a lot longer than the person that just said “no sorry”.

Check in tomorrow for Boo Boo No.5

-The HRREV Blogger

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