Interview Boo Boo No.1 – Not Doing Your Homework!

Don’t turn up to an interview without being prepared, it really is the worst mistake.

Not knowing who you are there to meet, what the actual job role is and what the company does are HUGE NO NO’s….. Just do your homework. Here is a list of the basics you should make yourself know about:

What does the company do, what services do they sell?

What is the general feel of the company? Are they corporate, are they techie, are they big on branding get a feel for the culture.

Have they taken part in recent events? perhaps they have won and award or been nominated.

Are they in press anywhere?

Is it privately owned if so by who?

The internet is a fantastic tool and will tell you all you need to know to be armed. Take a look at the company website to gather most your information, the “about us” and “what we do” pages will tell you a lot of what you need, for anything else Google can be your best friend!

Check in tomorrow for Boo Boo No.2!

-The HRREV Blogger

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