Managers, Please DON’T Say that Out Loud!

Even if you are thinking these things please inwardly digest what you are about to say, think about what you really mean, re-tweak and say something Actually Appropriate instead!!!

Here are just 4 of what I think are really Not the best statements to come out of a Managers mouth….

Don’t bring me a problem unless you have the answer.

(surely if we knew that we wouldn’t be at your door! anyway….)

What I’m hoping you really mean: Please don’t expect me to just do everything for you. If so…

Try: Ok, so what’s the problem and what have you already tried or come up with already?

I Pay Your Salary, You do what I say!

(Seriously how degrading is that to someone!?!?)

What I’m hoping you really meat: The job needs to get done and I am ultimately accountable so help me out. If you have any ideas let’s hear them. If so…..

Try: Dropping your really bad attitude altogether! No seriously, just stress the importance of the issued task but ask for suitable suggestions on getting the job done better.

I Don’t want to listen to Your Complaints.

What I’m hoping you really meant: Obviously I want to support you with legitimate, justified issues but please don’t gossip. If so….

Try: My door is always open to listen to constructive feedback or if you have an issue you need to talk through; perhaps you need to vent for a while.

We’ve Always done it this way.

(Your way or the highway is it?)

What I’m hoping you really meant: Things have been done the same way for a long time but that doesn’t always mean that’s right. If so…

Try: We are always open to suggestions on how things can be improved, what can you bring to the table

You may have read that thinking, surely people don’t actually take like that, well sadly they do and I’m sure a lot worse too.

Now I know that Managers can also have the hump, or be under a huge amount of pressure but the art to being a good manager is knowing how to deal with this so as not to affect their team and when not to just speak without thinking. Managers actions have a much bigger impact on others working day and their environment in general. No one wants to feel like they are working for a dictator where their views and ideas are not listened to or problems are dismissed out of hand, so remember that next time someone knocks on your door!

Cheesy I know but Managers try this simple rule of thumb: Learn to Listen to your employees, Praise in Public and Reprimand in Private and you will have a much happier camp!

Hope you found this useful… The HR Revolution Blogger!

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