Circumlocution, best word ever!

Now, I absolutely love a long word, the sillier sounding the better and when I heard this one today I felt the urge to share it! (I equally love a little rant and this word allows me to do both!)

I will be honest, I had no clue what this meant, but I do now and I LOVE it!! It simply means the use of many words one just one will do.

Anyway, given that people seem to be increasingly busy teamed with an extraordinary obsession with emailing, texting, tweeting, snap chatting,  and all that business, why oh why are we making things take even longer to communicate!

Perhaps we are simply too polite? for example they ask “Can you make a meeting at 2pm?” you say “Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the office at that given time as I am otherwise engaged” WHY NOT JUST SAY “No”, you could even add a but thanks at the end!

Readers this is happening right under our noses and we don’t even notice, here are some very ordinary every day examples:

> afford an opportunity – vs – allow, let

> as a means of – vs – the

> at this point in time – vs – now

> due to the fact that – vs – because

> during the period – vs – during

> has a requirement for  vs – needs

> in a timely manner – vs – quickly

> in accordance with – vs  by, following, per, under

> in advance of – vs – before

> in regard to – vs – about

> in the event that – vs – if

The list goes on, and I have already made you read too much but I would like to say (see I’m doing it now)…

The end! From The HR Revolution Blogger!

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