Managers please Stop Annoying your staff!

Ok, so we know that it is not your top priority to be friends with your workforce, nor should it be, but there are times that it seems like you are going out of your way to annoy them!

Do any of the below scenarios sound familiar, if so take a look at why it is rubbing people up the wrong way.

Calling All the Time – Unless it is critical resist the urge to keep calling. You must respect their personal time and leave nights and weekends for relaxing, oh and holidays…. NO NO NO!

Don’t Pretend to Delegate – If you task your staff with a project let them do it, don’t micro-manage each step and even worse, don’t work on it at the same time it just leads to mistrust and demotivation.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – Don’t have them for the sake of it just because it’s Monday! If there is nothing to discuss then don’t people will only be thinking about the work they should be getting on with. If a meeting is necessary, only invite those that really need to be there and be prepared, have an agenda and stick to it.

Non Work Socialising – You should not make them mandatory, not everyone enjoys the same things and making them go will only make them hate the whole situation even more. Besides people have their own lives and commitments that you might always know about, is it really relevant to work?

Make a Decision – Please, it is after all part of your job. Delaying tactics won’t impress your employees and will in fact go the other way and they will lose respect for you. If you have received all the information you need, don’t keep asking for more in the hope the problem will go away, it won’t.

Managing people isn’t always an easy job, but hopefully these little tips will help you keep on the right side of even the most challenging staff.

For more tips and advice, or to share yours with us, get in touch! 


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